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Directions: Fill out the empty boxes then answer the question! Write 4 facts below each topic that you learned about in class. You MUST include at least 2 vocabulary terms for each of the 5 topics.

Environmental Science
The living and non living organisms on earth are affected by pollution.

Types of Pollution
(Land, Water, Air)
Air pollution can create smog which is bad for our lungs and the ozone.

Reusing materials can help reduce the amount of waste we produce.

Taking shorter showers and turning off the waters as I brush my teeth can help conserve water and use less energy.

The air can be purified by planting more trees and other plants.

Non Renewable sources take a long time to produce or there is a limited supply of the source.

Water pollution can contaminate our drinking water.

Materials made from recycled items use less energy and money to produce than new items.

I can help reduce my energy usage by turning off lights and un plugging appliances/ electronics.

You can derive sources from vegetable plants.

Pollution can harm people and animals.

Acid rain is a result of air pollution.

Water bottles with caps are not recycled.

Conserving resources and energy can help reduce the depletion of non renewable resources.

Bio Fuels and Bio Mass are processes used for alternative energy sources.

There are different types of pollution within the environment that affect different animals and parts of the earth.

Run off can be considered both water and land pollution.

Recycling creates more job opportunities and reduces landfills.

Conserving can be considered part of the 3 Rs because it shares aspects of reducing and reusing.

Write about at least one thing you enjoyed about this science unit AND one thing you did not like or would change:
I really liked when we sorted materials because I never really learned how to recycle properly. I liked how we went outside to see the trash that was thrown away or littered. I was surprised that my prediction was completely wrong. I didnt really like the brain pop videos because I cant always understand the robot. I would have liked to plant a tree, vegetable or flower.