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Camera parameters set of every preset |nd|v|dua||y

u|ck |nsta||at|on des|gn, AM u|ck Insta||at|on mouth
MMA opt|ca| grade Cver|ay
360 hor|zonta| rotat|on at up to 300 ]s
100 vert|ca| rotat|on at up to 1S0 ]s
2S6 preset pos|t|ons
12 tours, atro| funct|on
CSD Menu Contro| for easy & user fr|end|y Customer Lase
W|de Dynam|c kange, D|g|ta| S|ow Shutter
D|g|ta| Image Stab|||zer, D|g|ta| Image Contro|(I||p, kotate, M|rror)
3D pos|t|on|ng funct|on
r|vacy mask|ng funct|on
D|sp|ay Ior 12 Ang|e & 2oom|ng kat|o
Auto nome Iunct|on when Camera |n Idea| Mode| 1e|e Iocus Speed
L|m|t ad[ustab|e Auto Memory 8ackups aga|nst ower Ia||ure
8u||t In bu||t-|n fan, heater, Ant| Iogg|ng Dev|ce 8u||t-|n nD camera
Compat|b|e & Mu|t|p|e Commun|cat|on protoco|
||ghtn|ng protect|on for A|| Input]Cutput(V|deo ] ower ] kS48S)
Genera| urpose A|arm Input & Cutput 4]1 n|gh Strength
A|um|num D|e- Cast|ng
Cutdoor Wa|| Mount nous|ng w|th I66 rotect|on C|ass

J.] I)ttJ Jt t|
't||t: .
J.] I)ttJ Jt
270X , 300X , 420X
LffecLlve plxels
lmage sensor
PorlzonLal resoluLlon
S/n raLlo
Mln. lllumlnaLlon
local lengLh
lC8 CuL lllLer
CpLlcal Zoom
ulglLal Zoom
Wlde dynamlc 8ange (Wu8)
LlghL CompensaLlon(8LC)
Super nolse 8e[ecLlon
ulglLal Slow ShuLLer
lmage SLablllzer
WhlLe balance
Caln ConLrol(ACC)
CSu Menu ConLrol
ShuLLer Speed ConLrol(LSS)
rlvacy Mask
MoLlon ueLecLlon
ulglLal ConLrol
ulsplay lnfo
reseL poslLlon seLLlng
I)t:.|.:|.: .
AM-3236-CP23 AM-3236-CP30 AM-3236-CP33
732(P) 382(v)
1/4" Super PAu CCu
3401vL(Color) -3701vL(8/W)
1.0 Lux [ Color / 0.01Lux [ 8/W [ lC8
AuLo / Manual
f=3.6 - 82.8mm f=3.4 - 102mm f=3.4 - 119mm
?es ?es ?es
23x 30x 33x
12x 12x 12x
?es ?es ?es
?es ?es ?es
n/A ?es ?es
?es ?es ?es
n/A ?es Max1.3x ?es
AW8 / A1W / lndoor / CuLdoor
AuLo / Manual AuLo AuLo
AuLo/ Manual / lLk ConLrol
?es, supporL up Lo 8 Zone
8everse / lnverL / Mlrror lreeze
an/1llL Angle, Zoom 8aLlo, Camera lu, reseL & eLc
236 oslLlons
1Z parameLers and camera parameLers(zoom/focus lengLh)
Scan with your
Smart phone for
more information
* roducL speclflcaLlons and appearance may be changed wlLhouL prlor noLlce due Lo lmprovemenLs.
I)t:.|.:|.: .
SLC 1racklng
3u poslLlonlng funcLlon
AuLo back home
an range
an speed
1llL range
1llL speed
Alarm lnpuL
Alarm CuLpuL
Synchronous SysLem
assword roLecLlon
LlghLlng roLecLlon
log- roof rocLlon
Culck lnsLallaLlon SupporL
vldeo ouLpuL
uome Cover
ower Supply
ower ConsumpLlon
CperaLlon LemperaLure
360 endless
0.3 - 300/sec
0 - 100
0.3- 130/sec
90 verLlcal
4 lnpuL
1 CuLpuL
lnLernal / Llne Lock
ower 24v AC/ vldeo 1.0vp-p / uaLa 8S-483
1.0vp-p, 73U
1ransparenL (CpLlonal Smoke Cover)
24v AC
20W [ normal, 43W [ PeaLer
-30C ~ +30C