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Luke Conlon

Audience Key Terms

Geographic This can be a region from about the size of a small neighbourhood up to the sizes of Countries taking into consideration the size of the area things such as climate, weather and politics, these all have different effects.

Demographic This can be almost anything that is personal information about a single person: Age Ethnicity Gender Family Size Family Life Generation Income Education Occupation Religion Social Class

Psychographic (Qualities of a person) Personality Values Interests Lifestyle Activities Opinions

Luke Conlon

Trendies Crave attention of peers. Egoists Seek pleasure. Paritums Wish to feel virtuous. Rebels Wish to remake the world in their image. Groupies Want to be accepted. Drifters Not care what they want. Drop Outs Shun all commitments. Traditionalists Want things to stay as they are. Utopians Want the world to be a better place. Cynics Have to have something to complain about. Cowboys Want to earn easy money.