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Vendor Down Payment in SAP December 21, 2012 Down payment means advance paid to Vendor.

These advances may be paid to Vendors for Purchase of goods from Vendor Taking services from Vendor dvance to !mp"oyees Payment to statutory uthorities Payment of security Deposit dvance payment to emp"oyees as vendor, security deposit, statutory through Vendor account Sap T code to be used F-47 Down Payment Request received from MM Department F-48 Post Down Payment to Vendor (Manual cheque) F-58 Post Down payment to Vendor (Auto cheque printing) F-44/ F-54 Clear Vendor Down Payment Request (SAP T Code F-47) #hi"e entering a down payment re$uest, the %ystem records this document as a sing"e "ine entry which is not used for accounting purpose and not updating the Vendor &a"ance .%pecia" '( )ndicator is indicating the nature of the Down Payment *e$uest. Post Vendor Down Payments: (SAP T Code F-48) Accounting entry Down payment to Vendor A/c Staff advances A/c Dr To Ban A/c !r" Dr or For manua! "#eque $ayment uthorities shou"d be routed

For auto "#eque $rintin% &or down $ayment (SAP T Code F-'8) Through F-'8 we can post + print che$ue with reference to down payment re$uest at. ,he$ue printing is not possib"e for down payment without re$uest. *e$uest indicator to be e-p"icit"y mentioned in % P T ,ode F-'8 C!ear Down Payment to Vendors (SAP T Code F-'4) Accounting ntry! Vendor A/c Dr" To Down #ayment to Vendor A/c