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UrbaCon Co. PO Box 201184 Doha, Qatar

For the attention of: Mr. Rabih Haydar, Project Manager Subject: Dear Sir, Further to your request for a quotation, to transport crane and install in the correct position, including diver, the concrete support blocks for the environmental monitoring station, detailed on drawing U-37-81-12-TBPHMNC SD NAV 005 Rev 0 and associated technical/isometric plan (attached), we are pleased to offer the total rate of QAR 18,200.00/12hrs ($5,000.00) to complete these works. We estimate these works to take one 12hr period. This offer is made under the conditions that UCC confirm that they have constructed the constituent concrete blocks in accordance with the plan referenced above and provide confirmation calculations that the lifting eyes are structurally strong enough to bear the weight of the blocks during transit and craneage. Can you please confirm acceptance of this offer in writing if you deem it acceptable. Yours faithfully, THE BASE PROJECT ENVIRONMENTAL MONITORING STATION

Nicholas D. Williams Project Manager Middle East Division