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SLA3.Series. 150W/180W/200W

Product Features
Enjoy savings up to 80% without compromise on brightness or light quality. Many municipal authorities are embracing the benefits of contemporary outdoor lighting increasing comfort, safety and security, making districts more attractive, and enhancing the publics sense of well-being. Not to mention its positive impact on environmental protection and city branding. BAIYILED SLA LED Streetlight is suitable for a wide range of applications, from major traffic roads to city centers, from outdoor parking area to factory and warehousing area. BAIYILED SLA LED Streetlight is equipped with top quality CREE LED chips, comes with optics that provide uniform distribution and reduced glare, it has been designed to allow direct replacement of HID solutions without compromising on spacing, mounting height or light quality. BAIYILED SLA LED Streetlight has been certified by CE, RoHS, LM79, etc. it has also been tested by many other European institutes and labs with excellent results.

Major traffic roads City center Outdoor parking Warehousing area

2500k 4000k 7500k

Lifespan Rated power Voltage Lamp size Beam angle CRI Color temperature Luminous flux

50000H 150W / 180W / 200W DC24V AC 176-264V Hz50/Hz60 915 x 300 x 76 mm 140x70 75 3000K/4000K/5000K/6500K 150W 180W 200W 13500lm 16200lm 18000lm -30C~50C IP66 >0.95
76mm 600mm 76mm
m 64


Working environment Protection rate Power factor Power efficiency Dimmable

>90% Optional



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