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Surface Aeration System

Surface Aerators are used in biological treatment to convert organic matter into biological cell mass thereby reducing the BOD. The biological matter consumes dissolved oxygen for respiration and mechanical surface aerators are provided to replenish oxygen thus used up. Surface aerators can be further classified into high speed, low speed, with hori ontal or vertical shafts. !igh speed surface aerators use motors without gear boxes and a propeller that loo"s li"e a boat propeller. They are usually smaller than #$"% and operate at &$$ to '($$ )*+. ,ow speed aerators always use a gear box, can be as large as '#$"% and operate at -$ to .$ )*+. Surface aerators shear the li/uid into small droplets which are spread in a turbulent plume at several meters per second. The travelling droplets are in turbulent contact with the atmospheric air and typically oxygenate to at least half0saturation. As soon as they land onto the li/uid free surface they mix with the li/uid bul". Surface Aerators are efficient circulators, drawing li/uid from below and distributing it with intense disturbance over the li/uid surface. This positive circulating action is the reason for continuous, rapid and complete mixing which occurs in an aeration tan" and which is fundamental to the success of the activated sludge method of treatment.