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Lesson Planning Form for Accessible Instruction Calvin College Education Program

Teacher Date 10/28/13 Lauren Newhuis Subject/ Topic/ Theme Thanksgiving/The ro!iga" Son #ra!e $$$$%th$$$$$$$$$

I. Objectives How does t is lesson connect to t e unit !lan"

Ta"king about the Thanksgiving o& the 'srae"ites

Learners will be able to#

)eca"" what happens in the parab"e -onnect the pro!iga" son to wh/ the/ shou"! be thank&u" &or what the/ a"rea!/ have Start to memori0e scripture using motions

cognitive( ) * +p +n , -.

ph/sica" !eve"opment

socio( emotiona"

Common Core standards $or %LCEs if not available in Common Core& addressed#
1Note# 2rite as man/ as nee!e!3 'n!icate ta4onom/ "eve"s an! connections to app"icab"e nationa" or state stan!ar!s3 '& an objective app"ies to particu"ar "earners write the name1s5 o& the "earner1s5 to whom it app"ies35 .remember6 un!erstan!6 app"/6 ana"/0e6 eva"uate6 create

II. 'efore (ou start Identif( !rere)uisite *nowledge and s*ills. Outline assessment activities 1app"icab"e to this "esson5

7nowing how to be grate&u"

Pre-assessment (for learning): Would you rather have money or your parents? Formative (for learning): Show the video of the Prodigal Son Formative (as learning): Ask uestions a!out the story Summative (of learning58 Student draw what they are thankful for in their !ooklets Provide /ulti!le /eans of 0e!resentation rovi!e options &or perception( making information per"epti!le Provide /ulti!le /eans of Action and E.!ression rovi!e options &or ph/sica" action( in"rease options for intera"tion #esides the verse$ there is not mu"h physi"al a"tion% Provide /ulti!le /eans of Engagement rovi!e options &or recruiting interest( "hoi"e$ relevan"e$ value$ authenti"ity$ minimi&e threats

+ at barriers mig t t is lesson !resent" + at will it ta*e , neurodevelo!mentall(e.!erientiall(emotionall(- etc.- for (our students to do t is lesson"
rovi!e options &or "anguage6 mathematica" e4pressions6 an! s/mbo"s( "larify ' "onne"t language rovi!e options &or e4pression an! communication( in"rease medium of e(pression rovi!e options &or sustaining e&&ort an! persistence( optimi&e "hallenge$ "olla!oration$ masteryoriented feed!a"k

rovi!e options &or comprehension( a"tivate$ apply ' highlight

rovi!e options &or e4ecutive &unctions( "oordinate short ' long term goals$ monitor progress$ and modify strategies

rovi!e options &or se"&(regu"ation( e(pe"tations$ personal skills and strategies$ self-assessment ' refle"tion

/aterials1w at materials $boo*s- andouts- etc& do (ou need for t is lesson and are t e( read( to use"

9ook"ets :i!eo an! projector


How will (our classroom be set u! for t is lesson" III. 2 e Plan 2ime Com!onents /otivation 1opening/ intro!uction/ engagement5

)egu"ar c"assroom Setup ,nough room to "et the stu!ents move to each si!e o& the room

3escribe teacher activities A43 student activities for eac com!onent of t e lesson. Include im!ortant ig er order t in*ing )uestions and5or !rom!ts. +sk the stu!ents what wou"! the/ rather have6 -hoose which the/ wou"! rather have their parents6 or a"" their parent<s mone/= Those who wou"! choose their parents6 go to one si!e o& the room6 those who wou"! rather have their parents mone/6 go to the other3 ' know that this is a &unn/ activit/6 but in Luke 1>6 this was a choice that a son ha!3 Show the vi!eo o& the ro!iga" Son -an someone te"" me i& at the beginning o& the stor/6 son was grate&u" &or the things that he ha!= ?our right6 the son was not grate&u"3 @e ha! a &ather who "ove! him ver/ much6 but he sti"" wante! mone/A 9ecause he wasn<t thank&u"6 he was ver/ mean to his !a! right= Te""ing him to !ie so he cou"! have a"" o& his mone/A That wasn<t a ver/ thank&u" thing to !o3 2e are thank&u" because we "ove #o! an! we appreciate what @e gives usA 9ut even when we aren<t thank&u" to #o!6 when we rea"i0e that we !o nee! @im6 he greets us with open arms6 just "ike the &ather !i! &or his son3 2e nee! to remember to be thank&u" &or the things that #o! has given us3 1'n book"ets5 !raw one thing that /ou are most thank&u"3 +t the bottom6 write one sentence about wh/ /ou are thank&u" &or this speci&ic thing3 Draw in book"et Cake motions to remember the verse No6 he was not grate&u"

3evelo!ment 1the "argest component or main bo!/ o& the "esson5

Closure 1conc"usion6 cu"mination6 wrap(up5

#o over the bib"e verse sa"m B81B an! make motions with the c"ass to remember it3

6our reflection about t e lesson- including evidence$s& of student learning and engagement- as well as ideas for im!rovement for ne.t time. 12rite this a&ter teaching the "esson6 i& /ou ha! a chance to teach it3 '& /ou !i! not teach this "esson6 &ocus on the process o& preparing the "esson35