THE PERSON THAT I ADMIRE MOST IN MY CLASS Nowadays, we heard that everybody has someone that they admire. It is normal thing for human being. Some admire prime minister, artist and teacher such as Tun Abdullah bin Ahmad Badwi, Siti Nurhaliza and Mr Geogre. For me, the person that I admire most in my class is Wong Toh Ung. I admire him because he is cute, intelligent, mature and the most important characteristic that he has is friendly. Wong Toh Ung is a cute man. He look cute when he laugh. His laugh has it’s own melody and you also will join him laugh because the way he laugh is really funny. Wong also have different act from other person in my class. When he explain, he explain with confident and both his hand also show what he want to explain. He has sweet smile. He has his own style of smile. The way he smile can make 10 women fall in love with him. He also always make joke that can cheer up me when I’m boring or fell sleepy. Beside cute, Wong is a intelligent man in my class. He help me find solutions if I can’t find solution for the problem that I have. He also always give good and brilliant idea. Wong also help me to understand more about the subject that I didn’t understand. He explains and teach me how to answer the question that hard for me. He almost like a teacher to me. I wish one day my children will be teach by him. He is intelligent teacher. Wong is a mature man. In my class, only Wong that born on 1990. So, he is the oldest one in my class. He know well which one is bad or good. He always give advice and guide to me. When I feel very tension or stress, he help me to reduce my tension. He ask me to take deep breath and try to listen to the music. It’s work and now I can reduce

my stress. Wong guide me to be a true man. He tell me what should and shouldn’t men do. Now I improve my skill and become more gentleman. The most important characteristic that he has is friendly. Wong always smile to everyone. Wong also didn’t compare people, he makes friend with everyone. Wong didn’t see status or race. Wong also always forgive the person that say sorry to him although that person make fun of him or make Wong very angry. He is the most humble man that I every know. I should act like him. He is the good example or to be my icon. That’s why I like to study and make friend with Wong. He has the characteristic that I need to be a mature person. I feel comfortable make friend with Wong. I hope we can be a bestfriend forever. That’s why I admire Wong Toh Ung.

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