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Year 10 homework June and July 2007

The aim of these homeworks is to:

 add to the skills and knowledge learnt in class.
 practise your ability to be a geographer.
 extend your knowledge.
 act as ongoing learning and revision.

You must write answers in complete sentences and remember that you will refer to
them at revision time.
It is for your own benefit to make your work clear and easy to understand.
Work to be completed Date to hand in
Questions 7-12 p. 102 18th June

Questions 1-4 p. 138 25th June

Question 1 p.139

Question 5-9 p. 138 9th July

Question 2 p. 139

Question 10-13 p. 138 9th July

Question 3 p. 139
Questions 11-13 p. 138 16th July

Use the Wider world text book