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Dumfries and Galloway and the Industrial Revolution Alistair Livingston Between 1760 and 1800, Improving landowners inspired by the Scottish Enlightenment transformed the landscape of so thern Scotland! "n ind strial revol tion led to a f rther transformation north of the So thern #plands $a lt! %o the so th, & mfries and 'alloway remained a r ral region with agric lt re as its main ind stry! %he perception of the region as () intessentially r ral* has led to the neglect of the region*s significant role in the development of the ind strial revol tion in north+west England! In the late eighteenth cent ry, a gro p of yo ng men from & mfries and 'alloway moved so th in search of employment! Some arrived in ,iverpool where they became wealthy merchants, others became innovative and s ccessf l cotton man fact rers in -anchester! .owever, as the rapid and chaotic growth of -anchester in partic lar came to symbolise the challenges posed by ind strialisation, critics of the new order also emerged from & mfries and 'alloway! %homas /arlyle is the most well 0nown, b t 1ewton Stewart born &r! 2eter -c&o all, who became a radical /hartist, was another! $inally, 3ames /ler0 -a4well*s wor0 pointed beyond /arlyle*s -echanical "ge to the present Electrical "ge ! Scarcely noticed by travellers on the A 75 Euroroute, a monument on a small hill above Ringford in the Stewartry of ir!cudbright celebrates a discovery which made Scotland an industrial nation" #he $eilson %onument, erected in 1&&', commemorates (ames )eaumont $eilson *17+,-1&.5/ and his discovery in 1&,& that the use of su0erheated air im0roved the efficiency of iron smelting" $eilson1s invention was immediately ado0ted by the )aird family of 2ld %on!lands 0arish in Lanar!shire" 3or several generations, the )airds had been tenant farmers, but the construction of the %on!lands canal between 1771 and 17+4 encouraged them to diversify first into the leases of coal mines in 1&1. and then, beginning in 1&,&, into the iron industry" 5nfamiliarity with the new technology delayed the construction of the )airds1 first blast furnace, but on 4 %ay 1&'6 iron smelting, began at the )airds1 7artsherrie wor!s"1 %ac7eorge A, %he
Bairds of 'artsherrie *7lasgow, 1&75/ 0"5+"

1 %ac7eorge A, %he Bairds of 'artsherrie *7lasgow, 1&75/ 0"5+"

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