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India Steps Up for Battered Sri Lankan Tamils, Finally

India Steps Up for Battered Sri Lankan Tamils, Finally

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Published by: Thavam on Nov 19, 2013
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India Steps Up for Battered Sri Lankan Tamils, Finally

Tim King Salem-News.com-Nov-17-2013 Lawyers of Supreme Court and Members of the Delhi Tamil d!ocates ssociation hold Mass "rotest March in New Delhi condemning the inaction of #nternational Community in bringing war criminals of the Sri Lan$an %egime to &ustice. 'S C% M(NT) * D(L+#, Mr Ram d!ocates for Sri Lan$an Tamils Shankar of Delhi are mo!ed by a mass protest Tamil against the war crimes of Sri Advocates Lan$a today in Delhi. -is!anathan Si!am. whose name is familiar to those engaged in this struggle. called the news from Lawyers of Supreme Court and Members of the Delhi Tamil d!ocates ssociation /most association welcome/. Si!am is not alone. "It is about time the Tamils in Tamil Nadu make an effort to hold similar demonstrations in other state capitals. The news outlets and the politicians have kept the Indians ignorant of what is happening in Sri Lanka is a genocide and nothing short of it. Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh was forced to withdraw from !"#$M but Salman %hurshid has taken his place to white wash the genocide." 0p to 123.333 human beings were murdered in Sri Lan$a during the final months of the longrunning ci!il war between Tamil separatists and the Sri Lan$an go!ernment. (4perts and ad!ocates of the embattled Tamil people say it was a 5enocide. The rebel Tamil Tigers or LTT( 'Liberation Tigers of Tamil (elam, fought a war for independence and made their share of mista$es along the way. impressing children into military ser!ice. creating the suicide !est. etc. 6ut there are rules of war that are !ery specific and Sri Lan$a !iolated almost all of them - thousands of times. Two wrongs do not ma$e a right and if Sri Lan$a is allowed to irresponsibly abscond from international 7ustice. then the message sent to the world is simple. that 5enocide is an option for go!ernments. The Delhi Tamil d!ocates ssociation said of the mass rally. "The time has come to shed our slaver& of ignorance. Ignorance which has kept us from breathing freedom freedom from war freedom from chauvinism freedom from caste and religion and freedom from dogmas which teach us that a fellow human being

can be killed raped maimed and ill treated because he'she belongs to a different group which speaks a different language and follow a different belief s&stem." (hat started in )*+) as a colonial e,pedienc& the sharing of power b& the -ritish with the Sinhalese run cabinet has ended in .//* with the enslavement of 0elam Tamils to the Sinhalese ruling ma1orit&. 2nder the guise of ending the civil war and fighting against terrorism the Sinhalese ma1orit& regime led b& Mahinda 3a1apaksa has perpetrated one of the worst war crimes in recent histor&. The go!ernment decei!ed Tamil ci!ilians by directing them into so-called /No-8ire 9ones/ where they were decimated by artillery with e4treme pre7udice. This brutality was seemingly dwarfed by the actions of the Sri Lan$an army after they entered the :ones their guns had been pounding. Children were murdered. girls and women were raped. Tamil Tigers who surrendered with white flags were shot to death against the strictest rules of war. and the erosion of the Tamil hold on this land has ne!er ceased. The Delhi Tamil d!ocates ssociation also stated; Indisputable evidences of war crimes is at hand this includes the e,ecution of child -alachandran the rape and killing of actress and news reader Isai Pri&a and the e,ecution of surrendered prisoners of war perpetrated b& the Sinhalese arm& which operated under the command of President 3a1apaksa and his brother 4efense secretar& $othaba&a. The indifference of International !ommunit& in bringing these war criminals to 5ustice is shocking.
Isai Priya and Balachandran

The group demands; <e. the Tamils of Delhi condemn the inaction of the #ndian 5o!ernment. the 0N and the #nternational Community and we urge them to act in fulfillment of the following demands; 1. #nternational <ar Crimes Tribunal has to be setup to in!estigate war crimes perpetrated during Sri Lan$an ci!il war. =. resolution should be passed in the Tamil Nadu legislati!e assembly to urge the #nternational Community and the #ndian 5o!ernment to set up the #nternational <ar Crimes Tribunal for Sri Lan$a.

>. The #nternational Community and the #ndian 5o!ernment ha!e to ta$e responsibility to stop rape of Tamil women. <hite !an abductions. demographic reengineering and militari:ation of the Tamil areas.

?. The #nternational Community and the #ndian 5o!ernment has to recogni:e. what is going on in Sri Lan$a is genocide.

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