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Budget for People, Peace & Planet

Budget for People, Peace & Planet


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Our Future Security and Prosperity Require Meeting Dire Needs at Home, Cutting the Bloated Military Budget, and Reinvesting in America.
Our Future Security and Prosperity Require Meeting Dire Needs at Home, Cutting the Bloated Military Budget, and Reinvesting in America.

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Published by: BudgetProject on Nov 19, 2013
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SIGN-ON LETTER FOR ORGANIZATIONS To: members of United States Congress cc: President Obama Our Future Security and Prosperity

Require Meeting Dire Needs at ome! Cutting t"e #$oated Mi$itary #udget! and Rein%esting in &merica T"e current budget negotiations! sc"edu$ed to be comp$eted on December '(t"! must focus on meeting neg$ected dire needs at "ome) T"is inc$udes: • &dequate$y funding critical social needs! inc$uding food stamps! Socia$ Security! impro%ed and e*panded Medicare for a$$! and pub$ic education inc$uding co$$ege! • Creating a full employment public jobs program to +ump start t"e green economy ,a -reen Ne. Dea$/ 0 ma1ing .ars for oi$ obso$ete and rescuing our c$imate future! and • Rebui$ding vital infrastructure) Many of t"ese programs eit"er pay for t"emse$%es ,Socia$ Security/ or sa%e money t"roug" in"erent efficiencies ,Medicare for &$$! c$ean rene.ab$e energy infrastructure/) &dditiona$ re%enue to support ot"er critica$ programs can be dra.n from: • Creating a more progressive income tax for indi%idua$s and corporations as .e$$ as ta*ing Wall Street specu$ation! and • Reducing military spending t"at is eit"er .astefu$ or e*cessi%e and aggressi%e! a posture t"at is increasing$y .inning us enemies and $osing us friends) T"e 2' tri$$ion in current annua$ United States mi$itary spending is equi%a$ent to t"e rest of t"e .or$d3s mi$itary budgets combined) & 456 cut .ou$d $ea%e us a budget t"at is sti$$ t.o to t"ree times t"e si7e of C"ina3s! t"e ne*t biggest spender) U)S) mi$itary e*penditures "a%e doub$ed o%er t"e past decade .it"out impro%ing security) &t t"e same time! our s"ift to.ards a po$icy of 8fu$$ spectrum dominance9 and e*panding &merican empire "as pro%en counterproducti%e to peace and security) :t mu$tip$ies our enemies see1ing re%enge and it3s tragica$$y e*pensi%e in b$ood and treasure) &$$ t"is ma1es cutting t"e b$oated mi$itary budget not on$y possib$e! but essentia$) Sa%ings s"ou$d come from t"ese urgent$y0needed reforms: • Instead of being policeman for the world, refocus on defending America. Using t"e protection afforded by strong natura$ borders! .e s"ou$d uti$i7e t"e traditiona$ approac" of defending our nation from in%asion or mi$itary aggression against our territoria$ integrity) Fortunate$y! t.o of our borders are oceans and t"e ot"er t.o are $ong standing a$$ies! ,Canada and Me*ico/) ;e do not need to mi$itari7e t"ese borders against none*istent mi$itary t"reats or in %io$ation of t"e "uman rig"t to see1 refuge from economic or po$itica$ oppression) & strategy of true defense .i$$ de$i%er t"e biggest sa%ings of a$$! and .i$$ a$$o. us to fina$$y demi$itari7e fo$$o.ing cessation of "osti$ities after ;;::! t"e Co$d ;ar and :raq) :t .i$$ enab$e us to end t"e .ar on terrorism and engage more cooperati%e! effecti%e approac"es to foreign po$icy) ;e s"ou$d close the , !! ".S. military bases and outposts in more t"an '(5 countries! inc$uding <urope! =apan! and Sout" >orea! sa%ing # !! billion a year) ;e do not need e*pensi%e ne. bases to encirc$e C"ina .it" t"e 8&sian Pi%ot)9 ;e must put a "a$t to t"e increasing$y aggressi%e use of drone and specia$ ops stri1es around t"e .or$d 00 ."ic" create more enemies see1ing re%enge) ;e can

• • • •

restore international law, human rights, and diplomacy to t"eir rig"tfu$ positions as t"e primary too$s of U)S) foreign po$icy) $nd the blan% chec% for .astefu$! unaccountab$e mi$itary spending & # !!s of billions per year) &n attempted audit of t"e DOD by t"e C$inton administration found t"at 2?)( tri$$ion of 2@ tri$$ion in transactions cou$d not be +ustified! suggesting up to a t"ird of DOD e*penses may be due to .aste or fraud) ;ar profiteering by mi$itary contractors s"ou$d be e$iminated and prosecuted) T"e re%o$%ing door bet.een go%ernment and mi$itary contractors s"ou$d be s"ut) "se government employees instead of e*pensi%e! fraud0prone contractors 0 up to # !! billion per year) #ring a$$ troops and mi$itary contractors "ome from Ira' and Afghanistan & #() billion per year) Reduce t"e si7e and cost of t"e mi$itaryAs bac% office bureaucracy & #*! billion per year) Ratc"et do.n our numbers of dangerous! e*pensi%e nuclear weapons 0 #+, billion per year) Russia says it .ou$d matc" t"ese reductions) T"e current effort to upgrade t"ese .eapons undermines nonpro$iferation and disarmament! and encourages t"e spread of nuc$ear .eapons) <nd t"e production of obsolete or malfunctioning tan%s, planes and weapon systems t"at are mot"ba$$ed as soon as t"ey are de$i%ered 0 # !s of billions per year) <normous funds are spent to refig"t t"e batt$es of ;;:: and ot"er recent .ars rat"er t"an ref$ecting current mi$itary tactics and needs) Part of t"e sa%ings from t"e mi$itary cuts s"ou$d be re0in%ested in con%erting mi$itary faci$ities and companies for use in t"e green economy) Mi$itary wor%ers should be re& trained and employed .it" a fi%e year +ob guarantee as part of t"e -reen Ne. Dea$) :mpacted communities must "a%e t"e $ead ro$e in p$anning nationa$$y funded! $oca$$y0 contro$$ed green economic con%ersion to ensure t"eir transition to a "ea$t"y! +ust peacefu$ future)

Sign t"e $etter "ere) For more info! see '5 ;ays to Cut Mi$itary Spending ,$in1/) Sincere$y! National Organizations (initial) #ac1bone Campaign Coa$ition &gainst Nu1es Code Pin1 Fe$$o.s"ip of Reconci$ation Freepress)org -$oba$ Net.or1 &gainst ;eapons B Nuc$ear Po.er in Space -reen S"ado. Cabinet ip op Congress Ciberty Tree Foundation for t"e Democratic Re%o$ution No F<&R Coa$ition Organic Consumers &ssociation Poor Peop$e3s <conomic uman Rig"ts Campaign

Popu$arResistance)org Progressi%e Democrats of &merica Roots &ction US Cabor &gainst ;ar Additional National Organizations &cronym TD Camp Casey :nstitute for Peace and =ustice Friends B Fami$y of t"e &bra"am Cinco$n #rigade ,FF&C#/ Occupy Cat"o$ics On ;ings Of Care! :nc) Pro+ect for Nuc$ear &.areness Radiation Trut" Ursu$ine Sisters of Ti$don1! U)S) Pro%ince ;omen &gainst Mi$itary Madness State Organizations Et" Day Center for =ustice ,:$$inois/ &merican Friends Ser%ice Committee! Co$orado Office #udget for &$$ ,M&/ Ca$$ to &ction ;isconsin Co$orado Coa$ition for t"e Pre%ention of Nuc$ear ;ar -reen Party of NF unger &ction Net.or1 of Ne. For1 State Maine #ring Our ;ar 22 ome Maine Socia$ =ustice Minnesota &rms Spending &$ternati%es Pro+ect ,MN&S&P/ Peace &ction of NFS Roc1y Mountain Peace and =ustice Center ;e Refuse to #e <nemies ,CT/ Regional and Local Organizations T"e &$c"emica$ Nursery Pro+ect! :nc) ,Centra$ NF/ &s"$and urban orc"ards ,Oregon/ #et"$e"em Neig"bors for Peace ,NF/

#i+ou Community of Co$orado Springs! CO
#roo1$yn For Peace #ryn Ma.r Peace Coa$ition #TMM Ca$ifornia State Uni%ersity -reen Party COD<P:N> C:! ;OM<N FOR P<&C<

CP:S! Co$orado Springs 0 Citi7ens for Peace in Space
Diaspora PuertorriqueGa Drone &$ert 0 udson Da$$ey ,NF/ Fairmont! MN Peace -roup

First Unitarian C"urc" of ono$u$u Fort -reene Peace! #roo1$yn NF -o$den Ponds Farm ,;:/ unger0Outreac" St) Pau$As Cat"edra$! #uffa$o NF >ansas City Crimina$ =ustice Tas1 Force Caris"ar Fine Media &rts ,P&/ CeF$ore Communications! CCC ,;:/ Ciberty Co%ers Cong :s$and &$$iance for Peacefu$ &$ternati%es Nicaragua So$idarity Fair Trade Resource H &F-= Nort" O$ympic Peace Net.or1 ,;&/ Occupy SoU$ ,sout" U$ster county! NF/ O"io Da$$ey Peace ,O / P)&)C)-) Pacem in Terris ,D</ Pa* C"risti Cong :s$and Peace &ction Montgomery ,MD Peace B =ustice &ction Ceague of Spo1ane Peace Coa$ition of Sout"ern :$$inois Peace Committee of t"e First Unitarian C"urc"! Den%er Peace <conomy Pro+ect ,Missouri/ Peace No.III , :/ Peacema1ing Committee of t"e Unitarian Uni%ersa$ist C"urc" of Ce*ington P:oneer Da$$ey -reen Rainbo. Party Coca$ ,M&/ Po$arity Center of Sa$em ,OR/ Ra%en Roc1s! :nc) ,O / R)O)S)<)! Residents Organi7ed for a Safe <n%ironment ,C&/ Santa #arbara Frac1 #ac1 To Sa%e T"e Centra$ Coast ,C&/ Socia$ &ction Committee of t"e First Unitarian Uni%ersa$ist Congregation of t"e Pa$m #eac"es ,F&/ Sonoma Da$$ey Peace B =ustice ,C&/ Sout" F$orida Raging -rannies St Pete for Peace ,FC/ St)Mic"ae$ Cat"o$ic C"urc"! #i$o*i! MS) Suffo$1 Deterans Syracuse Peace Counci$ t"e &%e Pro+ect T"e Peace Farm ,TJ/ To$edo Coa$ition for Safe <nergy Tri0Da$$ey C&R<s ,C&/ US Cabor &gainst t"e ;ar K NFC C"apter Deterans for Peace C"apter ?@ ,MN/ Deterans For Peace C"pt) (L NFC ;ar %s uman Needs! Sout" F$orida ;e$$ness Continuum ,C&/ ;<SP&C Foundation :nc) ,;estc"ester NF/ ; &N&P ,;est ar$em &ction Net.or1 &gainst Po%erty/ ,NF/ ;omen &gainst ;ar ,Capita$ District NF/

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