Pumpkin Crunch Cake

Crunch Topping 1 3 Cups (450 g) walnuts, finely chopped 3 Cups (3!0 g) "anilla wafers (a#out $5 cookies) 3 3 Cups (540 g) #rown sugar 4 1 o% (340 g) #utter Pumpkin Crunch Cake 1 1& ( 50 g) cup sugar ! o% (1!' g) softened #utter 3 1 1! o% (4 5 g) can solid pack pumpkin 4 ( ( 300 g) Cups flour 5 ( Cup ()! g) *reek yogurt ! 1 +a#lespoon (15 ml) pure "anilla $ 1 +a#lespoon (15 g) pumpkin pie spice ' & +easpoons( 1 g) #aking powder ) , +easpoon (4 g) #aking soda 10 ( +easpoon ( -5) .alt 11 4 /arge 0ggs Cream Cheese Frosting 1 4 o% (454 g) cream cheese ' o% ( $ g) softened #utter 3 cups (150 g) confectioners (powdered) sugar 4 1 +a#lespoon (15 ml) pure "anilla

Crunch Topping 1- 1elt 2utter - 3n a food processor, pulse cookies to a fine crum#- 4emo"e from processor and put into a medium #owl3- +hen pulse walnuts to "ery small pieces- 5dd walnuts to the #owl with the cookie crum#s4- 5dd in 2rown .ugar and mi6 well5- 5dd in 1elted 2utter and mi6 until completely #lended!- Place one "ery full cup of the mi6ture into 3 greased '7 round cake pans, pressing into #ottom and spreading it e"enly into the cake pans4eser"e a#out cups of the mi6ture which will #e #aked to use on the sides of the cake-

ust until #lended. C88/ 3> +?0 P5>.Place remaining crunch mi6ture in a 4th cake pan or pie dish and allow to #ake for the same amount of time as the cakes!.3 made this mistake and ended up scraping much of the crum# mi6ture off the pans and piecing it #ack together on top of the cake layers.$.1i6 .5dd in the 0ggs. then turn them out onto a wire racks and allow to completely cool.Brost one layer of cake.. start to spread the remaining frosting on the sides and top- . e6cept the eggs. smooth it out and make it as e"en as possi#le in the pan5.(3f you use the icing recipe 3 list here.Dhen you ha"e assem#led all the layers with some frosting #etween them.ust until #lended4.<i"ide #atter e:ually into your 3 prepared cake pans on top of the nut=cookie mi6ture.Preheat 8"en to 350 degreesPumpkin Cake 1. one at a time .et aside till neededAssembly 1. youAll ha"e plenty of frosting to make pretty thick layers in #etween the layers-) +op the frosted layer with a second layer and frost the top4epeat with the third layer3. especially if you had to piece the crum# mi6ture #ack on top of the cake..3 recommend refrigerating the layers for an hour or so to make frosting easier.+his is important #ecause the crunch mi6ture will stick to the pans and youAll #e scraping it out.5llow pans to cool a#out 10 minutes.2ake in a 350 degree o"en for a#out 5930 minutes or until a toothpick inserted in the center comes out clean.+hen #egin frosting the layers and putting the cake together.5fter your cake is completely cooled.5dd 3n Pumpkin and all the rest of the ingredients..+his was almost a Pinterest B53/C /uckily 3 fi6ed it all in the frosting stage of the cake'.et pans aside and #egin cake'.Dhip the cream cheese and #utter till "ery smooth and creamy .Dhile your cakes are #aking prepare a Cream Cheese BrostingCream Cheese Frosting 1.lowly add in the powdered sugar while mi6er is on low setting 3..3f you use racks to #ake on in the o"en.5dd in Eanilla and mi6 well.<o not o"er #lend3.2reak up the e6tra crunch mi6 to "ery small #its to use to decorate the cake with). at the halfway mark rotate the pans $. scrapping down the #owl fre:uently .3n your mi6er #eat sugar and #utter for a#out 395 minutes until light and fluffy.<8 >8+ /0+ +?0 C5@0.

G. coat sides and top with your e6tra crunch mi6ture.Fust take handfuls of the crunch mi6ture and carefully smash it into the sides of the frosted cake5.tore cake in refrigerator- .4.Dhen finished frosting the cake.

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