Crime Alert- Robbery 11-18-13

Columbia University

Department of Public Safety

On November 18, 2013, at about 5:50pm, a Columbia College Student was the victim of
a knife point robbery. The victim states that while walking north on the west side of Riverside
Drive at 112th to 113th Street a male black appeared from the brushes with a knife and
demanded his iPhone. The male black is described as approximately 25 years of age, 140 – 150
pounds, 5’8- 5’9  wearing dark clothing. If you have any information about this crime, please
contact the undersigned or call the 26 Pct. detective squad at 212-678-1351.

If you observe anyone acting in a suspicious manner, or you feel threatened in any
way, call the Police immediately by dialing 911. Always be aware of your
surroundings, travel in groups and avoid traveling thru parks after dark. Please
remember that Public Safety operates a Morningside area shuttle bus that runs every
evening until 4am. Please visit the following website for further information about
this shuttle.
Deidre Fuchs
Director of Investigations
November 18, , 2013

Deidre Fuchs
Director of Investigations
October 29, 2013

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