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Teacher Candidate: ________________Julia Arcidiacono________________ Cooperating Teacher: _________________________________________________ ________________ Group i!e: ___1"_______________ Allotted Ti#e: ____45 #ins________ u&'ect or Topic: ______(n%iron#ental issues _______________________ Date: _____3/15/14__________ Coop. Initials: Grade $e%el: ___4th__________ ection: _)*)__________________

STANDARD: 4.5.4.C. Descri&e ho+ hu#an acti%ities a,,ect the en%iron#ent- and as. /uestions a&out o&'ects- organis#s and e%ents.
I. 0er,or#ance 1&'ecti%es 2$earning 1utco#es3: A. The ,ourth grade students +ill identi,4 and descri&e the three #a'or en%iron#ental issues through +hole group discussion. 5. The ,ourth grade students +ill also &rainstor# and discuss +hat can &e done to help change the issues. II. Instructional 6aterials A. Chart paper 5. 5lan. en%iron#ental issues charts C. Co#puter/5rainpop 2http://+++.&,ragileen%iron#ent/populationgro+th/3 D. 5lan. graphic +e& organi!ers (. Docu#ent ca#era III. u&'ect 6atter/ Content 2prere/uisite s.ills- .e4 %oca&ular4- &ig idea3 A. 0rere/uisite s.ills: 1. 7nderstanding o, +hat an issue is *. 8no+ledge o, +a4s hu#ans i#pact the en%iron#ent 3. (9perience ,illing out a graphic +e& 4. A&ilit4 to +or. cooperati%el4 in a group 5. 8e4 %oca&ular4: 1. Issue: A pro&le# or /uestion on +hich people ha%e di,,erent %ie+points. *. 0opulation: All the #e#&ers o, one species in a particular area. 3. :atural resource: An4thing in the en%iron#ent that is used &4 people. 4. 0ollution: An4 change to the en%iron#ent that has a negati%e e,,ect on li%ing things. C. 5ig idea: 1. There are three #ain en%iron#ental issues caused &4 the +a4 +e li%e and thri%e- +hich are resource use- population gro+th- and pollution. I;. I#ple#entation A. Introduction < 1. The teacher +ill start o,, &4 telling the class that toda4 +e are starting our Going Green unit and the class i, an4one has e%er heard an4one use the e9pression =going green= &e,ore. *. The teacher +ill then go o,, o, students= responses to discuss the idea that people are tr4ing to go green &ecause there are issues +ith the +a4 hu#ans ha%e &een treating and using the earth- and that +e are going to learn a&out those issues. 3. The teacher +ill then access &ac.ground .no+ledge &4 the students i, an4one can de,ine +hat an issue is in their o+n +ords. 4. The teacher +ill ,ield students= responses and #a.e note that an issue can &e a pro&le# or /uestion ,or +hich people ha%e di,,erent ideas or ans+ers. 5. The teacher +ill then in%ite the students to tal. in their groups a&out ho+ people ha%ing di,,erent ideas on ho+ to sol%e issues can #a.e it di,,icult ,or issues to get resol%ed.

A,ter a ,e+ #inutes- the teacher +ill call on group #e#&ers to share their ideas.

5. De%elop#ent < 1. The teacher +ill e9plain that the4 ha%e a %ideo ,ro# our ,riends Ti# and 6o&4 that starts to e9plain so#e o, the issues that e9ist in our en%iron#ent. The4 +ill e9plain that the4 +ant the students to pa4 close attention and tr4 to pic. out so#e o, the issues. >e/she +ill then pla4 the %ideo. ?. The teacher +ill ha%e a piece o, chart paper hanging on the &oard. >e/she +ill again e9plain to the students that the %ideo #entioned so#e o, the issues that e9ist in our en%iron#ent &ecause o, the +a4 +e li%e. The4 +ill then tell the class that the issues can &e separated into three #ain ideas. The4 +ill then di%ide the chart paper into three colu#ns using a @. The teacher +ill then as. the students to ta.e a #inute to thin. &ac. a&out +hat the4 heard ,ro# in %ideo and their o+n li%es to tr4 to co#e up +ith +a4s the4 thin. +e #a4 har# the en%iron#ent 2things the4 do e%er4 da4 and +hat the4 use ,ro# the en%iron#ent to do those things A ho+ di,,erent dail4 li,e acti%ities can a,,ect the +orld around the#3. >e/she +ill tell the# to do this silentl4 and a,ter three #inutes- as. ,or responses. Bhile the students are &rainstor#ing- the teacher +ill pass out the &lan. en%iron#ental issues charts. C. A,ter three #inutes- the teacher +ill call on students to share their ideas. Bhen a student a point that ties to one o, the three #ain issues 2resource use- population gro+thor pollution3- the teacher +ill %er&all4 #a.e a connection to the issue and la&el one o, the open colu#ns on the chart paper +ith that issue. The teacher +ill instruct the students to ,ill out their charts li.e he/she is doing inon the &oard. ". The teacher +ill continue this process until the #ain three issues ha%e &een identi,ied. >e/she +ill #a.e co##ents to pro#pt responses as appropriate to get the class to recogni!e the three #ain issues. 1). 1nce all three colu#ns are la&eled- the teacher +ill start the students to thin. deeper a&out the concepts. >e/she +ill as. the# to thin. +h4 each is an issue and the teacher +ill +ill ,ill the chart in +ith the students= ideas and .e4 concepts that are i#portant ,or the# to .no+. Dor e9a#ple- the4 #a4 +ant to include the concepts o, rene+a&le and nonrene+a&le resources in the resource use colu#n since it +ill &e the topic o, the lesson the ne9t da4. The teacher +ill periodicall4 ha%e the students turn and tal. to a neigh&or throughout the discussion. 11. A,ter this chart is co#plete- the teacher +ill put one o, the &lan. organi!ers under the docu#ent ca#era. It +ill &e a +e& organi!er on +hich the #iddle circle +ill &e la&eled +a4s +e can help the en%iron#ent and +ill ha%e ,i%e &lan. circles &ranching o,,. 1*. The teacher +ill tell the class that each group is going to get an organi!er li.e the one the4 ha%e. The teacher +ill then e9plain that the4 +ant the students to- in their groups 2o, 3A43- &rainstor# +a4s people can address the en%iron#ental issues +e tal.ed a&out to help the en%iron#ent 2encourage the students= to not put do+n an4 ideas and to not &e a,raid to thin. outside o, things the4 ,eel the4 can acco#plish on their o+nE also that the4 can add #ore circles i, the4 co#e up +ith #ore than ,i%e ideas3. 13. The teacher +ill gi%e the class a #inute to assign one #e#&er in their group to &e the recorder ,or this acti%it4 and e9plain that that person +ill &e in charge o, ,illing in the +e& +ith their groups ideas. I +ill as. the recorders to gi%e #e a thu#&s up once the4 are chosen. 14. The teacher +ill then as. the rest o, the class to gi%e hi#/her a thu#&s up or thu#&s do+n to sho+ i, the4 understand +hat the4 need to do. The teacher +ill then address and /uestions and hand out the organi!ers. C. Closure < 1. I +ill co#pli#ent the students on their and ,or the ,irst step to+ards =going green=. I +ill tell the class that +e are going to sa%e the in,or#ation +e learned toda4 2the chart paper3 in the roo# to loo. &ac. at later. I +ill then #o%e the chart paper to hang it up

so#e+here else in the roo#. I +ill then e9plain that o,ten +hen people thin. a&out these issues- the4 can ,eel o%er+hel#ed and li.e there is not an4thing that the4 can do to help- &ut there actuall4 are a lot o, +a4s to help the en%iron#ent. I +ill e9plain that not all o, these +a4s to help are di,,icult and there are s#all things people can change in their e%er4da4 li%es to help the en%iron#ent. I +ill e9plain that +e +ill &e learning #ore a&out +a4s to help later in the unit- &ut ,or right no+- I +ant to see +hat the4 can co#e up +ith. D. Acco##odations / Di,,erentiation A 1. Dor Tre%or: a3 0re,erred seating +ill &e i#ple#ented +ithin the group #e#&ers and classroo# &3 7se o, cooperati%e learning/partner sharing c3 5lan. three colu#n chart to ,ill in along +ith the one the teacher ,ills in on the &oard to sa%e as a re,erence (. Assess#ent/(%aluation plan 1. Dor#ati%eA a3 Dilling out the en%iron#ental issues chart &3 5rainstor# o, +hat +e can do to counteract the three #ain en%iron#ental issues. *. u##ati%e A c3 :/A ;. Fe,lecti%e Fesponse A. Feport o, tudentsG 0er,or#ance in Ter#s o, tates 1&'ecti%es
1. Fe#ediation 0lan

5. 0ersonal Fe,lection
1. *. 3. Did the students identi,4 the three #ain issues +ithout speci,ic pro#ptingH Did the students see# interested in the topicH Did the students sta4 on tas. +hen in groupsH

;I. Fesources : A. 2http://+++.&,ragileen%iron#ent/populationgro+th/3 5. 2*)))3. ciene e9plorer: (n%iron#ental science. 2pp. C4AC53. 7pper addle Fi%er- :J: 0renticeA>all- Inc.