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Letter of Implementation No. 97, s.

Published: August 31, 1979. Latest update: May 31, 2013.


LETTER OF IMPLEMENTATION NO. 97 AUTHORIZING THE IMPLEMENTATION OF STANDARD COMPENSATION AND POSITION CLASSIFICATION PLANS FOR THE INFRASTRUCTURE/UTILITIES GROUP OF GOVERNMENT OWNED OR CONTROLLED CORPORATIONS WHEREAS, pursuant t t!" #an$at" % t!" C nstituti n, P.&. N . 9'( )as issu"$ t stan$ar$i*"$ + #p"nsati n % , -"rn#"nt %%i+ials an$ "#pl .""s, in+lu$in, t! s" in , -"rn#"nt/ )n"$ an$ + ntr ll"$ + rp rati ns, ta0in, int a++ unt t!" natur" % t!" r"sp nsi1iliti"s p"rtainin, t , an$ t!" 2uali%i+ati ns r"2uir"$ % r, t!" p siti ns + n+"rn"$3 WHEREAS, t!" sai$ &"+r"" aut! ri*"s t!" a$ pti n % a$$iti nal %inan+ial in+"nti-"s % r -ia1l" an$ pr %it/#a0in, + rp rati ns an$ t! s" p"r% r#in, +riti+al %un+ti ns, t 1" supp rt"$ %r # n"t "arnin,s an$ pr %its % su+! + rp rati ns3 WHEREAS, % r purp s"s % rati nali*in, C #p"nsati n an$ P siti n Classi%i+ati n"#s % r ,r ups % + rp rati ns 1"l n,in, t t!" sa#" %un+ti nal s"+t ral int"r"sts )!i+! pr"s"ntl. #aintain $i%%"rin, + #p"nsati n an$ p siti n +lassi%i+ati n plans, t!" sai$ &"+r"" an$ su1s"2u"ntl. LOI N . 45, +r"at"$ C #p"nsati n C ##itt""s t % r#ulat" an$ r"+ ##"n$ p li+i"s an$ stan$ar$s , -"rnin, +lassi%i+ati n, + #p"nsati n, all )an+"s an$ in+"nti-"s % r su+! ,r ups r + rp rati ns3 WHEREAS, LOI N . '67 $ir"+t"$ t!" C #p"nsati n C ##itt""s t su1#it i##"$iat"l. % r Pr"si$"ntial appr -al, a$8ust#"nts in salar., all )an+"s an$ %rin," 1"n"%its as #a. 1" +all"$ % r 1. pr"s"nt "+ n #i+ + n$iti ns % r , -"rn#"nt/ )n"$ an$ + ntr ll"$ + rp rati ns3 NOW, THEREFORE, I, FER&INAN& E. MARCOS, Pr"si$"nt % t!" P!ilippin"s 1. -irtu" % t!" p )"rs -"st"$ in #" 1. la), $ !"r"1. instru+t t!" i#pl"#"ntati n % t!" 9ni% r# P siti n Classi%i+ati n an$ Pa. Plan % r t!" In%rastru+tur" an$ 9tiliti"s ,r up % + rp rati ns: 7. S+ p" % t!" Plan ; T!" P siti n an$ C #p"nsati n Plans % r t!" In%rastru+tur" an$ 9tiliti"s ,r up s!all appl. t t!" + rp rati ns in t!" transp rt, t!" p )"r, t!" in%rastru+tur", an$ t!" )at"r utiliti"s s"+t r, as % ll )s: a. Transp rt 9tiliti"s P!ilippin" P!ilippin" A"r spa+" P!ilippin" M"tr Manila Transit C rp rati n 1. P )"r 9tiliti"s Nati nal P )"r Nati nal El"+tri%i+ati n Ca-it" El"+tri+ an$ &"-"l p#"nt Aut! rit. +. In%rastru+tur" 9tiliti"s C rp rati n A$#inistrati n Nati nal &"-"l p#"nt Nati nal Lin"s C rp rati n Rail)a.s

Nati nal P!ilippin" Nati nal Far#"#s P!ilippin" T uris# Aut! rit. $. Wat"r 9tiliti"s

Irri,ati n P rts H usin, &"-"l p#"nt

A$#inistrati n Aut! rit. Aut! rit. C rp rati n

L +al Wat"r L +al Wat"r 9tiliti"s M"tr p litan Wat"r) r0s an$ S")"ra,""#

9tiliti"s A$#inistrati n

5. P siti n Classi%i+ati n ; P siti ns s!all 1" +lassi%i"$ usin, a P int Ratin,"# n t!" 1asis % t!" % ll )in, %a+t rs: "$u+ati n, "<p"ri"n+", anal.sis, pr 1l"# s l-in, an$ in,"nuit., $"+isi ns an$ 8u$,#"nt, %inan+ial an$ pr p"rt. r"sp nsi1ilit., r"sp nsi1ilit. % r sup"r-isi n, r"sp nsi1ilit. % r + nta+ts, r"sp nsi1ilit. % r + n%i$"ntial in% r#ati n, p!.si+al "%% rt, an$ ) r0in, + n$iti ns. T!" p siti n +lassi%i+ati n plans % r "a+! % t!" + rp rati ns in t!" In%rastru+tur"= utiliti"s Gr up s!all 1" $"t"r#in"$ n t!" 1asis % t!"s" %a+t rs an$ issu"$ 1. t!" Minist"r % t!" >u$,"t. ?. C #p"nsati n S+!"$ul" ; T!" s+!"$ul" atta+0"$ t t!is L"tt"r s!all + #pris" t!" + #p"nsati n s+!"$ul" appli+a1l" t p siti ns pai$ n # nt!l. r annual 1asis. 6. Salari"s % r T p T!r"" Mana,"#"nt P siti ns ; T!" + #p"nsati n "<"+uti-" p siti ns in a + rp rati n s!all $"p"n$ up n t!" ass"t si*" + rp rati n an$ up n its -"rall %inan+ial p"r% r#an+". T!" #a<i#u# % 1asi+ salar. % r t!" t p p siti ns in t!" lar,"st + rp rati ns s!all % ll )s:

% t!" % t!" l"-"ls 1" as

President/General Manager/ ead

!eni"r #eputy General Manager


Pr -i$"$, T!at salari"s a+tuall. 1"in, r"+"i-"$ 1. an. in "<+"ss % t!"s" rat"s #a. + ntinu", su18"+t t it"# n . 4 !"r" %. (. Ma<i#u# L"-"l All )an+"s an$ >"n"%its ; All )an+"s an$ 1"n"%its #a. 1" pr -i$"$ 1. in$i-i$ual + rp rati ns 1ut n t t "<+""$ t!" % ll )in, s+!"$ul", su18"+t t a,,r",at" +"ilin,s in$i+at"$ in it"# n 4 !"r" %: a. C st % li-in, all )an+" is !i,!"r3 % 6@A % 1asi+ pa. r P?@@ p"r # nt! )!i+!"-"r

1. C!il$r"nBs all )an+" % P?@.@@ p"r +!il$, n t t "<+""$ 6 +!il$r"n3 +. A#"li rati n all )an+" % 7@A % 1asi+ pa.3 $. 9ni% r# all )an+" n t "<+""$in, P(@@ p"r %%i+ial="#pl .""3 ". M"al su1si$. % P?.@@ p"r $a. p"r %%i+"r="#pl .""3 %. M"$i+al 1"n"%its "2ui-al"nt t P5,(@@ p"r annu# p"r %%i+ial= "#pl ."" su18"+t t % r%"itur" )!"n n t a-ail"$ % $urin, t!" ."ar3 an$

,. R"pr"s"ntati n an$ transp rtati n all )an+"s #a. 1" aut! ri*"$ 1. in$i-i$ual + rp rati ns % r #ana,"rial an$ sup"r-is r. p siti ns, su18"+t t appr -al % t!" Ministr. % t!" >u$,"t, )!i+! s!all n t "<+""$ 6@A % 1asi+ pa.. 4. I#pl"#"ntin, &"tails ; &"tails % r i#pl"#"ntin, t!" P siti n an$ C #p"nsati n Plan s!all 1" issu"$ 1. t!" Ministr. % t!" >u$,"t, )!i+! s!all 1s"r-" t!" % ll )in, ,ui$"lin"s: a. T!" in+r"as" s!all 1" sta,,"r"$ )it!in t!" li#its p"r% r#an+"3 % + rp rat" %inan+ial

1. T!" i#pl"#"nt"$ t tal in+r"as" in 1asi+ salar., all )an+"s an$ %rin," 1"n"%its in an. n" ."ar s!all n t "<+""$ t)"nt. %i-" p"r+"nt C5(AD % t!" a+tual t tal p"rs nal s"r-i+"s "<p"ns"s % t!" i##"$iat"l. pr"+"$in, ."ar, a$8ust"$ % r in+r"as"s in sta%%in,3 +. An a+r ss t!" 1 ar$ in+r"as" % t"n p"r +"nt C7@AD in 1asi+ salar. s!all 1" i##"$iat"l. i#pl"#"nt"$ % r t!" -ari us + rp rati ns, "<+"pt % r s"ni r "<"+uti-" p siti ns )!"r" "<istin, s+al"s "<+""$ t! s" in$i+at"$ 1. it"# n . 6 % t!is L"tt"r. T!is s!all 1" + nsi$"r"$ as an int"ri# #"asur" p"n$in, t!" + #pl"ti n % t!" p siti n +lassi%i+ati n stu$. $"s+ri1"$ un$"r it"# n . 5 !"r" %3 $. T!" all )an+"s an$= r %rin," 1"n"%its % s"ni r "<"+uti-"s )! s" 1asi+ salar. alr"a$. "<+""$ t! s" sp"+i%i"$ in it"# n . 6 !"r" % #a. 1" in+r"as"$ t #a0" up % r an. $i%%"r"n+" 1"t)""n a+tual + #p"nsati n, n ) r"+"i-"$ an$ t!" a# unt t!"r)is" aut! ri*"$, un$"r t!is L"tt"r3 ". T!" !irin, $"p"n$in, up ; t!" Nati nal ECF ; all t!"r rat" % r p siti ns s!all 1" "sta1lis!"$ % r "a+! + rp rati n, n its si*" an$ pr %ita1ilit.. T!" initial +at", ri*ati n s!all 1" EAF P )"r C rp rati n, E>F ; Nati nal Irri,ati n A$#inistrati n, an$ + rp rati ns3 an$

%. T!" i#pl"#"ntati n s+!"$ul" % r + rp rati ns in+urrin, a l ss in 797' s!all 1" pr"par"$ 1. t!" + rp rati ns + n+"rn"$ !an$ in !an$ )it! a pr %it plan an$ s!all 1" su18"+t t +as" t +as" appr -al 1. t!" Ministr. % t!" >u$,"t. 7. E%%"+ti-it. &at" ; T!" P siti n Classi%i+ati n an$ C #p"nsati n Plans !"r"in $ir"+t"$ s!all ta0" "%%"+t n Ma. 7, 7979. & n" in t!" Cit. % Manila, t!is ?7st $a. nin"t""n !un$r"$ an$ s"-"nt. nin". % Au,ust, in t!" ."ar % Our L r$,

CSG&.D FER&INAN& E. MARCOS Pr"si$"nt % t!" P!ilippin"s >. t!" Pr"si$"nt: CSG&.D G9AN C. T9HERA Pr"si$"ntial Assistant Reference: Salar. S+!"$ul" CM nt!l.=Annual >asisD Source: Presidential Mana e!ent Sta""