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Sometimes It is Necessary to Be Hard

Sometimes It is Necessary to Be Hard

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Published by: LucianDan on Nov 19, 2013
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Great kindness is capable of being kind and of not being kind, both. GREAT KINDNESS IS CAPABLE OF BEING HARD TOO. If your kindness is such that you cannot be otherwise, then it is not strength, it is weakness. If you cannot act otherwise that simply means that you are fixed, you are not fluid. SOMETIMES IT IS NECESSARY TO BE HARD. I HAVE HEARD ABOUT A ZEN MASTER who was driving a carriage with a woman and her child in it. Much snow was falling and the morning was very cold and there was no sun in the sky, it was so cloudy. The Master started freezing and the woman in the carriage started freezing too. And by and by, he saw that she was becoming blue and was losing consciousness. So he took the child away from the woman, pushed her out of the carriage and drove away. Now the woman was shocked. She was left standing there in the falling snow, her child had been taken away -- what type of man was this? And he had taken the carriage... She started running and shouting and screaming and cursing -- and within half a mile, because of all the running and cursing and shouting and screaming, she was perfectly okay! Then the Master stopped the carriage, took her in and said, 'Now it is okay. I had to do that otherwise you would have died.' SOMETIMES TO BE REALLY KIND IMPLIES THAT YOU CAN BE UNKIND TOO. If you cannot be unkind then your kindness is not of much worth. It is cultivated. It is not out of awareness. Now think. If you had been that driver, you could not have done that. IT LOOKS IMMORAL, BUT IT IS NOT. In the Zen tradition there are thousands of cases which look very immoral. Sometimes the Master jumps on the disciple, beats the disciple, throws him out of the window. And the story says he becomes enlightened -- when he falls out of the window he becomes enlightened. To people who are not acquainted with the Zen methods it looks absurd. How can a person become enlightened like this? But you must be made alert that the disciple may have been working for twenty years -- meditating, working, meditating, working. And then one day the Master finds that only a thin layer of unawareness is left, a very thin layer. And he watches the disciple but he cannot get through that thin layer. Remember, when the unconsciousness is very thick you can fight with it, but when it is very thin it is very difficult to fight with it. In fact, there comes a moment when it is so thin that you think it is not there. It is almost like transparent glass; it is so transparent you don't see it. Then how can you fight it? ONLY THE MASTER CAN SEE that you are still behind a glass. You are seeing very clearly, almost as if there is no glass, but still you are behind glass. IN THOSE MOMENTS THE MASTER WILL BE VERY HARD. He will do something very shocking. In that shock that thin layer will be broken. And only when it is broken, not before, will you be able to know that something was there in front of your eyes. When it is gone you will understand that a thin layer was there -- a thin film which was so thin and so transparent that there was no way for you to know. Then you will feel thankful to the Master.... IF YOU CANNOT HELP BUT BE KIND IT IS AN IMPOTENCY. OSHO Tao: The Pathless Path Vol 2, Ch #7: A tree grows am in Buddha Hall

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