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Read the text then complete the sentences How to make pikelets. Pikelets are like small pancakes. They are easy to make and good for school lunches or morning or afternoon tea What you need 1 cup self-raising flour teaspoon bicarbonate of soda 2 tablespoons sugar 1 cup sour milk (to make sour milk add lemon or vinegar) 1 egg . all together in a bowl. . frypan to 340 C. base of pan (just enough so that the pikelets will not stick). 1 tablespoonful of mixture at a time in the frypan until bubbles form then turn. When brown on both sides, . . . . .out on a plate . . . . . it when it is warm Steps to Stay Healthy. 1. First of all, try to get some exercises every day. 2. Second, eat less food containing a lot of fat and sugar. 3. Next, Sleep sufficiently 3. Finally, think positively and be happy Decide whether the following statements are true (T) or false (F). 1. Taking exercise every day is not good. 2. Eating delicious and sweet food so many times is good for your health. 3. Keeping your mind positive will help your body to stay healthy. 4. being stressful is the way to make us unhealthy. 5. Our sleeping hours also affect our health. Mix Heat Oil Place turn Serve

How to score on a net ball

Hold the ball with your hands. One hand steadies the ball; the other is part of your shooting arm. Hold the ball above your head. Keep your back straight. Feel your feet pointing towards the goal post. Aim at a spot just above the goal post - about 15 cms. You are ready to shoot: Elbows and knees bend together for the shoot. Now elbows and knees are straightened at the same time, and with a flick of your wrist the ball is on its way to score a goal. Another option is to aim at the middle part of the goal ring. But whatever you choose, stick with it. Remember, practice makes perfect. Decide whether the following statements are true (T) or false (F). 1) Bend your back as you shoot for the goal. 2) You must only practice goal shooting on a netball court. 3) There is only one method for lining up the goal ring as you get ready to shoot. 4) The best position for your feet is to have them pointing towards the goal post. 5) Netball is one of those games which does not require much practice. How to make sauted vegetables. Ingredients: a. b. c. d. Tools a. b. c. d.
chop Prepare wash Saute Cook heat Slice serve

a. First, ______the vegetables and garlics thoroughly. b. Then, ______ the vegetables. c. _______ the garlic thinly. d. _____ the shrimps. e. Next, _______ the oil in a frying pan. ____ the garlic,

shrimp and finally the vegetables. f. _____ then _____ it on a plate.

Directions: 1. Boil water until boiled. 2. Then add sugar, cinnamon, and clovers. 3. Bring it to boil and add the pineapples. 4. Wait until you can smell the pineapple. 5. Remove from heat and serve cold. (Source: BSE, Scaffolding English for Grade IX Students) Comprehension exercises 1. The recipe tells you how to make . 2. What ingredients are needed to make pineapple stew? 3. How much sugar do we need? 4. When do we have to stop boiling the pineapple? 5. How should you serve the pineapple stew? Choose the correct word in the bracket! 1. First, (shape, shaped) wires into a rectangular shape. 2. Then, (covered,cover,covering) the wire frame with insect screens and (sew,sewed) it. 3. After that (rip, ripped) the paper into small piece.

4. And then, (putted, put) the torn paper in a bucket and (filling, fill) it with warm water. 5. (added, add )one table spoon of bleach. (soaked,soak) the paper for a half an hour. 6. Next, put a cup of soaked paper in a blender, (add, added) some bleached water and blend it. 7. And then, pour the blended paper in a large rectangular container. e.g. sink or tray. 8. After that, (repeating, repeat) step 5 and 6 until all of the soaked paper are blended. 9. Then, add and mix two table spoon of white glue to the blended paper. 10. After that, (dipping,dip) the screen frame into the blended paper. 11. (Lift and rinse, lifted and rinsed) the water for a minute. 12. Then, (drying, dry) the paper with the screen frame still on in the sun. 13. And then,(peeled, peel) the papers out of the frame screens when its dry. Finally, (ironing,iron) the paper.

Match the words with their meaning Words 1. Add 2. Boil 3. Combine 4. Cut 5. Peel 6. Pour 7. Mix 8. Serve 9. Smell 10. Stir Meaning 1. Kupas 2. Tambahkan 3. Tuangkan 4. Sajikan 5. Tercium 6. Potong 7. Aduk 8. Rebus 9. Gabungkan 10. Campurkan

Arrange these following words into good sentences! 1. Slice - into bread - pieces - two. 2. Something - put the in - middle (egg_fried, jam_strawberry, sprinkle_chocolate, sausage_a, etc.) 3. the - two slices take - of bread. 4. The bread spread - with butter or margarine 5. topping Put on the bread.