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Introduction & Case Summary


a) Service Inc. b) Solution Inc. c) Organization Capability Consultants

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Future uncertainty Top managements conservative attitude Problem of surplus Time consuming Expensive process

Advantages of New HR Structure

Corporate HR :

1. 2.

Organization Design Remove Barrier

3. Create consulting department

Service Inc.

Time consume and cost reduction

2. Quick response 3. Employee relation

Solution Inc.
1. Problem solution and increase performance 2. Innovative theories in working place

Organization Capability Consultants

1. 2.

Guidance and assistance operating unit Aligning HR polices and practice

3. Better- faster- cheap approach

would managers and employees of an organization prefer this model?

1.Employee and manager work like a team 2.Easily Communication 3. Employee relations 4. Reduce workload 5. Training and development efficiency 6. Measure and increase employee performance

Which Structure do you think HR professionals would prefer and why?

1. Increase the effectiveness and efficiency 2. Implement an HR strategy according to the culture of the organization 3. Driven by cost reduction 4. Prepare the organization for achieving its strategic intents 5.Create better-faster-cheaper approaches

1. Provide proper training to managers and

employees 2. Developing time management skills 3. Quick employee survey 4. Provide High Security System


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