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• • • • • Sun in Virgo for Halloween Nov 23 Sun in Libra – Sai Baba birthday 2013 Uranus in Cetus 2012 2014 Venus in Scutum 2017 Venus in Pegasus ^^

The Venusian cycles as encapsulated within the present Aeon of Cetus range from Hydra to Cetus and Scutum to Pegasus. 2014 stands for Scutum while 2017 stands for Pegasus.

1008 PLANETS What are the 1008 planets? Do you need them? Are all participating in analysis? ♣ Most business and relationship issues can be resolved with a few planets only. ♣ The1008 planets are – needless to say - a welcome refinement: and update. ♣ Sometimes e.g. a centaur participates in an analysis, especially when strongly stressed in the horoscope: e.g. as ascending. ♣ A dwarf planet often exerts a strong – continuous – pressure on a single sensitive part of the chart: e.g. business issues as they transpire from the shadow market. ♣ The 1008 planets form a constant update of your natal and actual business sky. ♣ The business constellations include lesser known but not less important ones such as e.g. Lacerta.



2008 SO218 2004 PR107 Deucalion Huya Hyperion Iapetus Tethys Saturn Dione Rhea Titan Enceladus Mimas Phoebe 2002 GZ32 Libra Ophiuchus 2000 FZ53 Sun 1999 HD12 2001 XA255 1999 KW4 Horizon Galactic Equator E Pholus 2007 JJ43 2002 KX14 2004 XY60 Ptah Anubis Lupus 2004 CJ39 1996 AR20 2001 BL41 Adria SE Eunomia 2002 CA249 2004 GV9 2005 VJ119 1


Okyrhoe 2002 MS4 Scutum

Talos Quaoar Hylonome Hathor Lameia Ixion C/2004 Q2 (Machholz) Icke 2003 CO1 Olympiada 2006 RH120

Aquila Phaethon

Scorpius Amycus Chariklo Norma Galactic Equator

Charon Pluto

Voyager II

Olympia Equator Viewed from: Fiumestate 14° 26' 44" E 45° 19' 38" N Local time: 07:57:46 2013/11/17 JD 2456613.79 Field of view: 90° 00' 00" Azimuth: 102.5000° Altitude: -05.0000°

Crantor Venus Pandora Sagittarius Ecliptic Magnitudes: 31.0 31.2 31.4 31.6 31.8 32.0 Single star Multiple star Variable star

Ecliptic Lynx 2003 UY292 Varuna 2003 UA118


2003 AZ84 (MPEC 2005-Y06) Cyllarus Jupiter 2000 SN331 Ganymede Io Europa Callisto 2000 JZ15 1996 PW P/Shoemaker-Levy 9 C/2010 X1 (Elenin)Gemini 2003 WL7 Canis Minor 1994 TA "Pylenor" 2002 VR130 2002 TK301 Chaos 2003 TG58 2002 XW93

Cameloparda Auriga 2005 VB123 2001 SQ73 Perseu

2003 VS2 2003 UW292 Asbolus

Galactic Equator

Thereus 2002 VG131 Orion 2002 VE95 W 2004 XR190

1996 TP66 Altjira

Canis Major Horizon

Horizon Taurus NW Athor Trian 2003 QD112 Aries

Viewed from: Fiumestate 14° 26' 44" E 45° 19' 38" N

Local time: 07:57:46 2013/11/17 JD 2456613.79

Field of view: 90° 00' 00" Azimuth: 289.6263° Altitude: +21.9377°

Equator Magnitudes: 31.0 31.2 31.4 31.6 31.8 32.0 Single star Multiple star Variable star


2003 TG58 Ecliptic 1996 TP66 Thereus 2004 XR190 Equator 2002 VG131 Orion 2002 VE95 M78 W M43 M42 1996 RX33 Altjira

2003 UW292 Asbolus M34




NW Athor 2003 QD112 Aries Triangulum M33 2002 TC302 116P/Wild Phaedra Bienor 2002 TX300 (MPO 3 M31 M110 Horizon M32 Andromeda


Moon Sedna Nephele

2009 YE7 2000 GM137 M77 2000 WN10 Dioretsa

2002 UX25 (MPO 39866) 2001 UR163 M74 1992 QB1 1995 SN55 2003 QN112 2005 TN74 Isis

2004 PY42 2002 PN34



2002 PQ152 1996 TO66 2002 QX47 2003 KQ20

WITCHĹLLOW Viewed from: Fiumestate 14° 26' 44" E 45° 19' 38" N Local time: 07:57:46 2013/11/17 JD 2456613.79 Field of view: 90° 00' 00" Azimuth: 308.2293° Altitude: -14.4926°


Pelion Equator Ecliptic Deep sky objects: Open Glob Diff Plan Gala

Magnitudes: 31.0 31.2 31.4 31.6 31.8 32.0 Single star Multiple star Variable star

INTRODUCTORY DATA Information has a price as information proper equals gain on the market. Precise incipient information makes for accurate prediction: to the second. Thus, relevant input plus marketing genius make for relevant timely results. TIMING

Marketing is like love: a timely contract with a winning partner brings timely profit. One the other hand, an untimely contract as signed with a detrimental partner brings the bitter fruit of bankruptcy. SYNASTRY SYNCH Both parties should align and synch to their original natal skies as well as present heavenly configuration. This is possible by the intelligent use of modern astronomy. FIRST SALE

In order to know what one is doing and consequently whom with to sing partnership, one has to know who one is. This is possible by perusing one’s original natal data, e.g. the time and place when the foundation of the enterprise was set. First sale makes an excellent starting chart as well. PREDICTION Much as the exact minute of one’s next marriage is predictable when exact data match relevant procedure, so is every business move predictable as favorable or vice-versa. COMPETITION As all is fair in love and war, the movement of troops on both sides gets predictable with excellent timing: possibly to the second. The kings of old kept a shaman at their side precisely for the purpose of determining the movement of the enemies’ troops. In old China, “to divine” equaled “to calculate”, and that is precisely what we do: we calculate. WIN

Many will stand out. What really makes you protrude to the front is your secret tool: original astronomic data. You don’t want to know about 1008 planets or elaborate calculi: you want results: a “yes” or “no” and the date. Possibly second: go! UPGRADE Your winning protrusion will of course bring you success; gain on the market as well as sworn envy from incompetent as well as outdated competitors. Perhaps they still peruse obsolete prediction methods or don’t even have any? UPDATE Instead of standing still, the prediction methods at your own service update on daily, even hourly basis: the whole database is automatically updated with the choice of actual factors – meaning objects – that would influence the issues at hand. Some of those are known as comets, others may be newly found dwarf planets, other swift centaurs: all these objects have a peculiar way in influencing financial issues from shadow market to stock exchange.

ACADEMIC ZODIAC CONCEPT The application of astronomic data to natal as well as actual horoscopes has led to a revolutionary discovery: the zodiac. Zodiac, ascendant set and house system were essentially scanned and set in minutes back in the seventies. Nowadays nobody has to suffer from bad natal data, faux identity or bankruptcy due to bad advice. When both parties are in synch, divorce has no meaning.


One does not have to believe in planetary positions that are not there at all. As consequence, one’s real self is synched with one’s true nature. In alignment to one’s true natal planetary positions, everything goes well according to one’s own nature: one can not only know events in advance to the minute but also change the course of events at will with RTRRT. Real self = real sky = infinite possibilities! )=( Gemini has not been rising – ascending – at east for 5000 years now. What is rising at east instead – when some default toy “program” for the masses b is expecting some “zero

Gemini” is of course not Gemini at all: it is Cetus – a large zodiacal ascendant and Lord of the Aeon c - which by the way lies below Pisces. That makes roughly one quarter of the

sky or 90 degrees of error in any calculi as attempted by your now outdated competition. TAROT = ZODIAC 1) The Tarot is the zodiac. 2) There are 22 zodiacal constellations. 3) 16 ascendants rise at east. 4) One’s guardian angel is represented by one of the 16 ascendants d.

5) Which zodiacal stations are not ascendants? Scutum, Sagittarius, Capricornus, Pegasus, Aries, Auriga, Gemini, Cancer, Libra… 6) Taurus rises at east only for 5 minutes every day: golden calf a taurine chance on the market!

Real Time Reality Rendering Tools. For entertainment purposes only. c The present Aeon. d In Egypt, we had double the number of present day’s ascendants, making for versatility, diversity and baffling invention.

7) The 22 initiations are the 22 mysteries of the Tarot: zodiacal constellations. 8) The 16 guardian angels propose the elementary permutations. 9) Lodge #1622 SIRIVS is the Tarot. 10) Kalki e determined the Tarot

11) Hayagriva determined the Zodiac. 12) As Kalki is Hayagriva so the Tarot is the Zodiac. 13) The Tarot expands from #1622 towards 1008. 14) The 1008 planets form the eternal horoscope of every moment. 15) God and NASA say 13 or 12 are falsity. 16) When zero Gemini is expected to rise in the eastern sky, Cetus rises instead. 17) As Cetus is below Pisces, the “error” is roughly 90 degrees! 18) Gemini does not rise at east f.

19) Gemini rose at east some 5000 years ago. 20) Cetus is the zodiacal ascendant of the present Aeon. 21) There are 67 horoscope signs. 22) Depending on the categorization of Eris and Pluto, there are also 43, 30, 28 and so on horoscope signs. 23) Tarot = Zodiac. KINDERGARTEN ASTROLOGY “There is a wheel in the sky with 12 animals which rise at east...” Must be one of those stories they have been telling children – a sinister lullaby. )=( She knows by intuition that you have a Gemini ascendant, and so it happens that you do!

e f

Hayagrivanantadevasesanagasankarsana uvaca. For the present epoch.

5000 BC Or you could have it say 5000 years ago. Namely, the expected zero Gemini never appears in the real sky: Cetus and Pisces rise instead. Don’t worry: the error is merely 90 degrees or something: no one will notice g.

ASTROLOGY FAQ Are there 67 horoscope signs? Yes. How is this possible? One should ask how 13 or 12 are possible instead. What are the 30? One of the intermediary results. 22? Number of zodiacal stations. 16? Ascendants h.

#2014shift The change is coming, New Golden Age! AION What changes with 2014? This is the first time – for all practical purposes – that Venus enters Scutum. Scutum is one of the standard 22 zodiacal stations and thus one of the 67 signs of the zodiac. You probably had 13 in mind? That would be rather… amateurish.
g h

In fact, no one did! For the current epoch.

LUCIFER COMING How do we reckon Lucifer’s comings? We take that in the wake of Venus in Pegasus - as falling into Cetus – sensitive initiates have been inspired in picturing Venus as the indomitable she-devil she is. A popular image of a falling batman issued. Dante on his own hellbound initiation must have been inspired! We call that first recent contact the first coming. True, there have been biblical comings – one at least – as rendered in the Bible. These ancient comings are scheduled for printing 2014 – 2017.
First Coming of Lucifer - Dantesque Venus in Pegasus Second Coming of Lucifer - 2014 Aeon Shift Third Coming of Lucifer 2017 ^^ Age of Pegasus II Fourth Coming of Lucifer - Venus in Pegasus ^^ Bis

UNFOLLOW THE DEVIL The “safest” way for others – especially “spiritually advanced” is to follow superstition upon superstition. If that dubious diet makes you vomit, here is your winter Sun ephemeris.
2013-Oct-31 2013-Nov-01 *** 2013-Nov-23 2013-Nov-24 2013-Nov-25 2013-Nov-26 2013-Nov-27 2013-Nov-28 2013-Nov-29 2013-Nov-30 2013-Dec-01 2013-Dec-02 2013-Dec-03 2013-Dec-04 2013-Dec-05 2013-Dec-06 2013-Dec-07 Vir Lib Lib Sco Sco Sco Sco Sco Sco Oph Oph Oph Oph Oph Oph Oph Oph

2013-Dec-08 2013-Dec-09 2013-Dec-10 2013-Dec-11 2013-Dec-12 2013-Dec-13 2013-Dec-14 2013-Dec-15 2013-Dec-16 2013-Dec-17 2013-Dec-18 2013-Dec-19 *** 2014-Jan-01

Oph Oph Oph Oph Oph Oph Oph Oph Oph Oph Oph Sgr Sgr

MAYAN 2014 – 2017 The Venusian extremes hit the zodiac on the wake of the Aeon of Cetus. If 2012 was about Uranus in Cetus, 2014 is about Venus in Scutum as 2017 is exalted ^^ in Pegasus. )=( Your favorite Gemini ascendant has not been rising at east for the past 5000 years. What is rising at east? RTRRT i

Touch your destiny: reshape it. Now that you know who you are, you are omnipotent. NON-ASCENDANTS No one you know can possibly have a Capricorn, Sagittarius or Scorpio ascendant at all. Moreover, no friends of yours can have an Aries, Libra or Gemini ascendant at all. Does Cancer rise at east? No. Stay tuned for the full list of non-rising ascendants.

Real Time Reality Rendering Tools.


7H 8H

Linking the world through one zodiac for the planet 1: the original zodiac as shared by all j
0F 9F

astronomical observatories across the planet and off-planet 2 as well.

¼ SKY #QuarterSky Did you know that when “zero Gemini” is expected to rise at east, Cetus ascends instead? Conquer ¼ of your natal skies by obtaining your real natal ascendant! Your real natal ascendant is your guardian angel. Thus, when “zero Gemini” is expected at east, Cetus rises instead. Since Cetus is below Pisces, ascendant offset is 1/4 one quarter of the sky. 9-11 Eris 0 altitude W in Cetus NYC + Osama Moon χ1 Orionis = WTC 9-11.

The pun is on India.

ALIXE Alixe has Moon ascending in Cetus, Mercury in Sextans and Venus in Orion. Her Juno hovers in zodiacal Scutum while her Pluto sits at the ascendant of the USA in Serpens Cauda. 9-11 EASY PREDICTION Eris 0 altitude W in Cetus NYC + Osama Moon χ1 Orionis = WTC 9-11.

PRECESSION OF THE ASCENDANTS The skies do not “rotate” according to any “tradition” at all, but according to precession. Thus, your own natal skies will always gloriously disobey any “tradition”, of which – to be honest – there is seldom any. This is particularly true through stalled environments as wanting for an upgrade and update. RTRRT The Real Time Reality Rendering Tools have O5 or Oberon V for core “discreating” technique. O5 is like confession: once one has fully confessed negativity, one disposes of it: in this way, a space for positivity is created. Manifestation happens within 5 minutes.



• 22 zodiacal signs. • 16 ascendants 4.

• Pluto nostalgic 5? Enjoy 26 zodiacal signs 6.
4F 5F

• More Sun-signs? Workable 15, extended to 16. • Cartesian house system: works everywhere 7: ocean floor 8, Himalaya 9,
6F 7F 8F

spacecraft 10.

• 1008 delineated planets: the complete solar system is yours for the taking!

1008 Planets http://ar.gy/3lD8

Full services catalog for the current year along with elaborations on the times we live in as marked by the zodiacal constellation like Pegasus, Scutum, Eridanus, Hydra or Cetus. As future scanning ideally proceeds future-changing, the stress is in a detailed acquaintance with the Academic Zodiac and ascendant set in an RTRRT Instant Magick initiate. All initiations can be accomplished by self-initiation as presented within our RTRRT and Academic Zodiac series.

2017 HOUSES 1) 2) 3) 4) 5) 6) 7) 8) ANGEL – (prosperity) http://ow.ly/8tP3h

POWER – (money) http://ow.ly/8tP2F

DREAM – (bogeyman) http://ow.ly/8tP2k

BARYCENTER – (real estate) http://ow.ly/8tP1M

RIVAL – (competition) http://ow.ly/8tP1s

NETHERWORLD – (employees) http://ow.ly/8tOZW

ENEMIES – (devil) http://ow.ly/8tOYJ

IMMORTALITY – (death discreation) http://ow.ly/8tOXI


ASTRAL – (scouts) http://ow.ly/8tOXp

10)AIM – (godhead) http://ow.ly/8tOWx

11)LOVE – (protection) http://ow.ly/8tOVK

12)NIRVANA - (illumination) http://ow.ly/8tOVq

Hayagrivanantadevasesanagasankarsananantalaxmi uvaca

2 33

The competitor to be feared is one who never bothers about you at all, but goes on making his own business better all the time. - Henry Ford

Cruithne-based charts and spacecraft births have been presented some two decades ago.

VIP SERVICES Verify your personality. Who are you, really? Take advantage of your real natal stars! OPHIUCHUS Ascendant in Ophiuchus http://ow.ly/i7Xo9 Moon in Ophiuchus http://ow.ly/i7XtW Mercury in Ophiuchus http://ow.ly/i7XBm Venus in Ophiuchus http://ow.ly/i7XEX Sun in Ophiuchus http://ow.ly/i7XKd Mars in Ophiuchus http://ow.ly/i7XNj Jupiter in Ophiuchus http://ow.ly/i7XP9 Saturn in Ophiuchus http://ow.ly/i7XRm Uranus in Ophiuchus http://ow.ly/i7XTV Neptune in Ophiuchus http://ow.ly/i7XVD Pluto in Ophiuchus http://ow.ly/i7XY5 Eris in Ophiuchus http://ow.ly/i7Y1r Quaoar in Ophiuchus http://ow.ly/i7Y4L Ixion in Ophiuchus http://ow.ly/i7Y8L Pholus in Ophiuchus http://ow.ly/i7Ycy Comets in Ophiuchus http://ow.ly/i7Yf4 Planets in Ophiuchus http://ow.ly/i7YhX THE SAME IS AVAILABLE FOR ALL 22 or 26 ZODIACAL SIGNS, ALSO EXTRA-ZODIACAL, X-ZODIACAL, G-ZODIACAL ASO. 13 + 13 = 26 While the 13 solar stations are a simple fact this end of superstition, the total number of zodiacal stations is 26 – Pluto permitting. In other words, the 26 zodiac is a Pluto nostalgia affair: for those who want Pluto back, the number of zodiacal stations is still 26. Aries http://ow.ly/hg4jc

Taurus http://ow.ly/hg4np Gemini http://ow.ly/hg4rn Cancer http://ow.ly/hg4xx Leo http://ow.ly/hg55T Virgo http://ow.ly/hg5nS Libra http://ow.ly/hg5lL Scorpio http://ow.ly/hg5qs Sagittarius http://ow.ly/hg5z6 Capricorn http://ow.ly/hg5Kc Aquarius http://ow.ly/hg5S4 Pisces http://ow.ly/hg5Wt INSTANT MAGICK BESTSELLERS Instant Healing http://bit.ly/10N00CW Cancer Cure http://bit.ly/10MZBjX Immortality http://bit.ly/10MZogt MINI RTRRT http://bit.ly/RwTmQO Initiation http://bit.ly/RwT3VY Maverick http://bit.ly/RwWrQE Seduction http://bit.ly/RwXLD7 Love & Money http://bit.ly/RwXDDL MINI RTRRT http://bit.ly/RwTyzi ETER Emotion-time-energy-retriever http://bit.ly/RwO8EF Reboot! http://bit.ly/RwOpr0 INTEGER http://bit.ly/RwOifd Personal Cosmic Secretary http://t.co/G6YEFcIl O5IRIS http://bit.ly/RwQjYO Instant Healing http://t.co/oTWgDvAx Marriage Rendering http://t.co/AalmMR6L Personal cO5mic Avatar http://bit.ly/RwSOKw Mini RTRRT http://t.co/f15rwpbw Prosperity Rendering http://t.co/ZJMUbVkO Wish Wheel http://t.co/Lc0lqhQl Magick initiation http://t.co/D8yyb5Gb Money Honey http://t.co/l15k8RvJ PCS http://t.co/iSoMKfYc Oberon V http://bit.ly/RwSaNk O5 http://bit.ly/RwRTK4 Cascade http://bit.ly/RwRKqe Snow Crash http://bit.ly/RwOR8E Magic Wand http://t.co/EIQflaw7 Aladdin XI http://bit.ly/RwRhUM Matrix Hacking http://t.co/c6w5pwFU Bogeyman http://bit.ly/RwOyL4
4 5

For the current epoch. 43 for Eris-nostalgic. 6 IAU Constellations. 7 Other planets, asteroids, comets and in fact everywhere in a three-dimensional space. 8 Sea quake! 9 Lama incarnation calculus. 10 On trip to Cruithne? We got your horoscopes!

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