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Harun Yahya Islam - kuran_fihristi_en .pdf

Harun Yahya Islam - kuran_fihristi_en .pdf

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Published by: badr on Aug 13, 2009
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You who believe! Take all necessary precautions,
then go out to fight in separate groups or go out
as one body. (4:71)
When you are with them and leading them in
prayer, a group of them should stand with you,
keeping hold of their weapons. When they pros-
trate, the others should guard your backs. Then
the other group who have not yet prayed should
come and pray with you. They too should be
careful and keep hold of their weapons. Those
who disbelieve would like you to be negligent of
your arms and equipment so that they can swoop


down on you once and for all. There is nothing
wrong, if you are bothered by rain or you are ill,
in laying your weapons down; but take every
precaution. Allah has prepared a humiliating
punishment for the disbelievers. (4:102)

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