Jorge Quintero

 In

this exposition I will talk about the different composites materials, their most important characteristics and some applications.

What is a composite material?

 SEM  Scanning  SOM  Scanning

electron microscopy

optical micriscopy

Materials composites with big particles.

 Picture

micrography of a cemented carbide (WC- Co).

 Dark

region correspond to the carbide of tungsten

 What

is concrete?

 The

concrete and cement are different.

Composites materials consolidated by dispersion.
 The

increase of resistance happens by the interactions between the particles and the dislocations.

Composites materials reinforced by fibers

Several functions

 Distribute

and transmit the external applied.

Glass fiber and its use

Properties of the glass fiber
 Easily  When

to spin in high resistance fibers

it is in a composite acquiere a very high specific resistance

Uses for the glass fiber
 Auto

bodies and ships. for stores

 Containers


Properties of the fibers carbon
 Resistance  Resistance

to external agents. to variation of temperature, keeping its


 Good

against fire)

properties of fireproof. (protect any material


The biggest application in the fibers carbon

Materials composites laminares

Panels sándwich
 Some

examples of these are aluminium, reinforced plastics whit fibers, titanium, steel and modificated wood.

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