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1. What is GIS? What are three uses of GIS? How might GIS be used in solutions to problems?

- A geographical information system that uses computers and software that explores the fundamental principle of geography. GIS is used to inventory, analyze, and manage many aspects of the world. It takes the numbers and words from databases and puts them on a map. This map shows patterns in the data we might not see. GIS helps illustrates patterns to better understand traffic accidents and even accident locations over time. 2. What was the use of GIS by the student according to this video? What was the topic? Applications of Arc GIS Business Analyst in Healthcare Sector - The students use of GIS according to this video was to help the Red Cross and to find out where Coronary Heart Disease was in Gaston County. He looked up people who had seen cardiologist in the last 12 months and made a map of that. From this information he discovered that people have high blood pressure and then mapped that as well. His last map showed that the people with high blood pressure smoked cigarettes. From all of this geographical information the student would then make a decision of how to spread awareness of Coronary Heart Disease and be able to reach out to everyone in the three connecting locations. 3. Dr. Chetan Tiwari and Using Maps as Public Health Decision Support Tools What examples did he use to demonstrate the use of GIS in health decision making? What are the concerns about the data? - Some examples Dr. Tiwari uses are maps from the National Cancer Institute that show cancer burdens across the country that is separated by counties. The concerns he has with the data is that if the units are manipulated then population structures would be different, socio-economic groups would cluster together, environmental risks are uneven over geographic space, disparity to access in health care, and certain groups are more vulnerable to risky behaviors. 4. Geographic Information System Manager - A Day in the Life What is Rancho Cucamonga doing with GIS? - Rancho Cucamonga used GIS to map over 400 miles of access roads to the foothills in case of a fire. The fire department used this GIS map and it helped to minimize the damage that the fires could have caused. The city uses GIS to identify ownership, the size of the parcel, and if that that piece of property would be good to build on. 5. Download and read the Nichols article and discuss what you learned about the use of GIS in healthcare management. - GIS was used in healthcare management to solve the difficult issues of efficient bed allocation management that satisfy relevant health industry protocols. The purpose of using GIS was to allow the data to be displayed in a visual real-time layout with the exact location and current and future occupancy rate of each hospital bed within a room, ward, or floor. ebeds is the developing system that is being used to provide a necessary and sufficient functionality that is required to support bed management. By using ebeds the patient discharge process has become more sufficient. Some of its benefits include, knowing which beds are vacant, reduced wait time for surgery patients, reduced wait time for entering the

emergency room, increase in effectiveness of patient discharges, providing a foundation for more sophisticated patient, staff, and asset tracking tools, and many other things that prove that GIS in healthcare management is extremely beneficial. 6. Go to 5 points a. Look at the crime map. Using Incident Layers make sure the following will appear: breaking and entering, homicide, robbery, theft (all 3), sexual offense, assault, property crime, family offense, weapons offense, quality of life (disorder, drugs, liquor). Move the map so you can see Moreno Valley. Look at the area bounded by I-60 on the north, Frederick on the west, Eucalyptus on the south, and the Indian on the east. What is the most frequently occurring crime (see the Incident Layers to understand the iconsnot everything is crimeATTENTION TO DETAIL)? b. Why is this type of map useful in public and community health? Justify your answer. -The most frequently occurring crime is theft. This map is useful in public and community health because