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Programming Embedded System II Keil 8051

Programming Embedded System II Keil 8051

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Published by: elena1991 on Aug 13, 2009
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• Open-loop control still has a role to play.

• For example, if we wish to control the speed of an electric
fan in an automotive air-conditioning system, we may not
need precise speed control, and an open-loop approach
might be appropriate.

• In addition, it is not always possible to directly measure the
quantity we are trying to control, making closed-loop
control impractical.

• For example, in an insulin delivery system used for patients
with diabetes, we are seeking to control levels of glucose in
the bloodstream. However, glucose sensors are not
available, so an open-loop controller must be used; please
see Dorf and Bishop (1998, p. 22) for further details.

[Similar problems apply throughout much of the process
industry, where sensors are not available to determine
product quality.]

COPYRIGHT © MICHAEL J. PONT, 2001-2003. Contains material from:
Pont, M.J. (2001) “Patterns for triggered embedded systems”, Addison-Wesley.

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