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Basics of ABAP

Basics of ABAP

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Published by: mahisapabap on Aug 14, 2009
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The object browser offers a hierarichal overview of all R/3 Repository
objects,order by development classes, user name of the programmers,
object types and so on. By selecting a program, the object browser
directs access to all components of a program, such as main program,
subroutines or global data.

The procedure is suited for complex (Interactive) reports or module pool
for transaction, since in object browser you have an overview ofall the
components like user interfaces screens or Dynpros.

To open the ABAP/4 Programs in the object browser choose object
browser of the ABAP Development Workbench
(or start Transaction SE80).

The initial Screen appear. Here you can enter a Program name directly or
list of all programs of a certain development class.

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