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Razwan Rashid

Pre Production Document Type Storyboard

Start Date 2/10/2013 2/10/2013 End Date Task Time 13:15 13:50 14:00 14:10 Resources Storyboard printed template, pencil and eraser. Scanner, computer and camera. Constraints and Contingency Plans 2/10/2013 Think of an advert story and sketch the first draft of the storyboard. 2/10/2013 Scan or take a photograph of the storyboard and put it onto the computer.


2/10/2013 Digitalise the storyboard, refining it using vectors in illustrator.

14:15 15:15

Computer, graphic tablet and illustrator.


2/10/2013 Adding the digital text for the storyboard.

15:15 15:35

Text tool in illustrator.

If a scanner is not available you can alternatively use a camera and take a photo of the storyboard. You can even use the camera on a Smartphone. If I cant get hold of the graphic tablet, I can use the pen tool on illustrator to recreate the drawing using the mouse. If the computer has a problem, I can recreate it using felt-tip, colours and scan it in. If the software crashes, I can import the file into another program such as Photoshop and edit it there.

Razwan Rashid

Mind Map
Start Date 3/10/2013 3/10/2013 End Date Task Time 14:15 14:50 14:55 15:20 Resources Pencil, blank paper and eraser Coggle is a online application for mind maps which is easy to use and edit. Ensure the internet is available, if not use software which is already installed made for mind maps or InDesign or Photoshop. If you cannot download due to some error try another computer, if it still occurs take a screen shot of it. Constraints and Contingency Plans Make sure that everything you sketch is possible to recreate using a free web builder. If a scanner is not available you can alternatively use a Constraints and Contingency Plans 3/10/2013 Sketch a draft mind map displaying all ideas. 3/10/2013 Use a Google account to get into the online mind map software called Coggle. Recreate the mind map digitally.


3/10/2013 Download the finished version of the mind map.

15:20 15:21

Visualisation Diagram
Start Date 4/10/2013 End Date Task Time 13:20 13:45 Resources Blank paper, pencil and eraser. 4/10/2013 Sketch out a layout of the web portfolio and annotate it.


4/10/2013 Scan or take a photograph of the visualisation diagram and put it onto the computer.

14:00 14:10

Scanner, computer and camera.

Razwan Rashid


5/10/2013 Digitally recreate the visualisation diagram in a any design program, preferably illustrator because it provides vector tools.

14:10 14:40


5/10/2013 Adding the annotation to the visualisation 14:45 15:00 diagram.

camera and take a photo of the visualisation diagram. You can even use the camera on a Smartphone. Computer and design If the software is not software. working you can try alternative software such as Photoshop or online editing tools. Text tool in If needed, use the lines illustrator and line. to point at the assigned part you are annotating. If the program is not working, use another alternative program with similar properties. Resources Use the internet to receive images. PowerPoint, Fireworks or Photoshop Constraints and Contingency Plans If the internet is down, collect magazines and newspapers. If the internet is down, cut out and stick researched images from a magazine and newspaper.

Mood Board
Start Date 2/10/2013 2/10/2013 End Date Task Time 2/10/2013 Research what images to get for the mood 12:00 12:15 board. 2/10/2013 Use the chosen images to composite a mood board 12:15 13:00

Razwan Rashid