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In-Class Assignment
Physics 12: Circular Motion & Banked Curves 1. During a Physics ield tri!" t#o students decided to go on the $%hirly&loo!'. (his ride consists o one cart that goes in hori)ontal circles at high s!eed. * the radius o the loo! is +.,m and it makes one rotation every ,.- second" #hat is the s!eed o the cart. /0!ts1

2. 2 ,-kg !ilot !er orms a loo!&de&loo! #ith his !lane. 2t the 3ottom o the ,2m&radius loo!" he is moving at 4,m5s. Determine the normal orce acting on the !ilot. Make sure to dra# a ree 3ody diagram6 /0!ts1

0. Pinocchio is driving his 1,77kg Camaro through a curve on a level road#ay at a s!eed o 20m5s. (he turning radius o the curve is +2m. Determine /a1 the minimum value o the coe icient o riction that #ould 3e re8uired to kee! Pinocchio9s car on the curve" and /31 at #hat angle the curve #ould have to 3anked i there #as no riction so that Pinocchio #ouldn9t ly o the road. /4!ts1