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In-Class Assignment
Physics 12: Early Quantum Theory


Define the terms “work function” an “threshol fre!uency” an e"#lain why they are im#ortant. $%#ts&


Each #erson re#resents a collection of #articles ha'in( momentum) an therefore) a wa'elen(th. *hy is it im#ro+a+le that you will +e a+le to run throu(h a concrete wall) een if you run really fast, (Hint: remember why we wear lead aprons when we get X-rays done) $2#ts&

%. The work function for a -esium surface is 2.1.e/. *hat is the minimum wa'elen(th of the ra iation that will 0ust e0ect an electron from the surface, $%#ts&


1i(ht with a wa'elen(th of 223nm strikes a Nickel metal surface insi e a 'acuum tu+e) which has a work function of 3.13e/. a. *hat is the ma"imum kinetic ener(y of the electrons emitte from the surface, 4i'e your answer in electron5/olts. $%#ts&

+. *hat is the sto##in( #otential for thee electrons, $2#ts&

c. *hat is the threshol fre!uency, $2#ts&