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In-Class Assignment
Physics 12: Special Theory of Relativity


What are the two postulates that Einstein ase! his special theory of relativity on" #2pts$


%sin& an e'ample or analo&y( e'plain what the )proper time* is. #2pts$

+. Why can,t an o -ect #in a vacuum$ travel at or a ove the spee! of li&ht" #There are many ways of answerin& this .uestion / only use one metho!0$ #1pt$


Ross acci!ently sai! Rachel,s name instea! Emily,s name #his ri!e at the altar$ !urin& their we!!in& vows. 2e,s so em arrasse! that he olts out of the church( efore Emily reali3es what happene!( at a spee! of 4.51c. a. 6f Ross says he is 1.5m tall an! he thin7s it too7 1.4s to e'it the church( then how lon& passes on Emily,s watch efore he has e'ite! the room an! she reali3es what -ust happene!" #2pts$


Rachel is flustere! ecause when Ross ran out of the room( she thin7s his hei&ht chan&e!. 8i! Ross &row or shrin7" 9y how much" #+pts$