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In-Class Assignment
Physics 12: Projectile Motion 1. A cannonball is fired off the top of a 245m cliff with a hori ontal !elocity of 45m"s. #hat hori ontal distance does the cannonball tra!el$ %&pts'

2. A tribesman is standin( on a lar(e) 2.*m tall roc+ and throws a spear at a s,-irrel in a tree with a !elocity of 2*m"s at an an(le of 15. abo!e the hori ontal. /f the spear hits the s,-irrel) then how hi(h was it -p the tree if the tree was 25.5m away$ %&pts'

&. /f a football player +ic+s a football at an an(le of &0. abo!e the hori ontal with an initial speed of 1*m"s) then what is the %a' ma1im-m hei(ht the ball attains) %b' the han( time) and %c' the ran(e$ %2pts'

4. A st-dents standin( on top of a 52m cliff throws a 0.2+( roc+ off the cliff with an initial !elocity of 14m"s at an an(le of 50. abo!e the hori ontal. #hat is the ma1im-m hei(ht that the roc+ reaches$ %&pts'