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In-Class Assignment
Physics 11: Newton’s Second Law & Combining Dynamics and Kinematics (2) 1 ! man "#$$s a %&g bin ac'oss a ($oo' with an acce$e'ation o( ) *+m,s2 -( the coe((icient o( &inetic ('iction between the b$oc& and the ($oo' is ) ../ what is the a""$ied (o'ce0 (1"ts)


! 2)&g bo2 is sitting in the bed o( a "ic&#" t'#c& 3he t'#c& s#dden$y s$ams the b'a&es/ ca#sing the bo2 to s$ide (o'wa'd with a 4e$ocity o( + )m,s and going 1 1m be(o'e coming bac& to 'est 5hat is the coe((icient o( &inetic ('iction between the bo2 and the bed o( the t'#c&0 (6"ts)


! 7oeing *6* ai'"$ane has a mass o( 1 221).&g 8ach o( its (o#' engines has a th'#st o( *.&N -( the ta&eo(( s"eed (at the end o( the '#nway) is *1m,s/ ca$c#$ate the (a) acce$e'ation/ and (b) the $ength o( the '#nway needed to become ai'bo'ne Neg$ect any ('ictiona$ (o'ces and ai'9'esistance (1"ts)