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In-Class Assignment
Physics 11: Conservation of Energy and Momentum


If a car starts at rest at the top of a 40.0m hi ! "hat is #a$ the ve ocity of the car at the %ottom of the hi ! and #%$ the height at "hich the car "i have ha f of this speed& #4pts$


(hat is the ve ocity re)uired for a po e*vau ter to pass over a %ar 4.'m high& #'pts$


, 1'00-g car has a ma.imum ve ocity of 1/0-m0hr. 1o" steep of a hi can it c im%

if it reaches this ma.imum speed at the %ottom of the hi and the frictiona forces account for '.231045 of "or-& #+pts$


If the impu se*momentum theory says that 6∆t 7 m,v,' 8 m,v,1! then ho" can "e so ve for the conservation of momentum. 9ho" a of your "or-. #+pts$


, rai road car trave ing at a speed of '4.0m0s stri-es an identica car at rest. If the cars oc- together as a resu t of the co ision! "hat is their ve ocity after the co ision& Is the co ision e astic or ine astic& 9ho" a of your "or-. #4pts$