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In-Class Assignment
Physics 11: Conservation of Energy


If a car starts at rest at the top of a 35.0m hill, what is (a) the velocity of the car at the bottom of the hill, a ! (b) the hei"ht at which the car will have half of this spee!# ($pts)


&hat is the ma'im(m hei"ht that a %5)" !o" ca *(mp if it r( s with a velocity of +.50m,s# (%pts)


- .+0)" car is presse! a"ai st a spri " ( til it is compresse! by 5.0m. If the car starts from rest a ! it/s velocity after the spri " is release! is %$.5m,s, what is the spri " co sta t# (3pts)


- 1%00)" car has a ma'im(m velocity of 1.0)m,hr. 0ow hi"h of a hill ca it climb if it starts at this ma'im(m spee! at the bottom of the hill a ! the frictio al forces acco( t for %.+11052 of wor)# (3pts)


3ist two o 4co servative forces, a ! e'plai what it mea s for the forces to be o 4 co servative. (%pts)