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In-Class Assignment
Physics 11: Inertia & Free Body Diagrams 1. A book is sitting at rest on a frictionless table. Draw the free body diagram showing all of the forces acting on the book. (2pts

2. A 1!"#kg car is parked in a parking garage. $f the coefficient of static friction between the r%bber tires and the concrete floor is #.&'( then what is the force of friction) (!pts

!. A rightward force of ""N is applied to a wooden crate in order to mo*e it across the floor with constant *elocity. $f the crate has a mass of 1+"kg then what is the

coefficient of friction) (,pts

,. A teacher is p%shing a marker against the whiteboard with !2N of force( stopping it from falling to the gro%nd. $f the coefficient of static friction between the marker and the whiteboard is #.2"( what is the mass of the marker) -hat is its weight) (,pts

". -hat are the two .nat%ral states of motion/ and why are they important to %s when creating free body diagrams) (2pts