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In-Class Assignment
Physics 11: Newton’s Second Law and Angled Forces

1. A boat 1200 g is !ro!elled directly north by a "orce o" 1##N. $he mo%ing water e&erts a second "orce o" #0.0N'(). *hat is the net "orce acting on the boat+ *hat is its acceleration+ ,-!ts.

2. A 20 g bo& is !/lled at a constant s!eed o" 0.-#m0s across a s/r"ace with a "orce o" 10N at an angle o" 2#3 "rom the hori4ontal. *hat is the coe""icient o" inetic "riction between the bo& and the s/r"ace+ ,#!ts.

-. $hree !eo!le ha%e "o/nd a hidden treas/re chest and want it "or themsel%es. $he "irst !erson !/lls on the chest with a "orce o" 5#N'*). $he second !erson !/lls with a "orce o" 1#N'N2#3()6 and the third !ersons !/lls with a "orce o" 27N'S1#3*). *hat is the res/ltant acceleration o" the treas/re chest i" it has a mass o" 1# g+ ,#!ts.