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In-Class Assignment
Physics 11: Newton’s 3rd Law and Impulse

1. A 1588 ! car is pullin! a "#5 ! trailer. I$ the car and trailer are acceleratin! 1.%"m&s' ()*+ what $orce does the trailer hitch e,ert on the trailer- .3pts/


A hoc ey player applies an a0era!e $orce o$ 8%.%N to a %.'5 ! hoc ey puc $or a time o$ %.1% seconds. 1etermine the acceleration e,perienced 2y the hoc ey puc . .'pts/


A 1'%% ! car is dri0in! at a 0elocity o$ 15m&s (3*. 1etermine the impulse o$ the

collision i$ the car hits a wall and .a/ it 2ounces o$$ with a 0elocity o$ 1'm&s ()*+ and .2/ it crumples up and 4stic s5 to the wall. .6pts/