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“PARIVARTAN” The Community Internet Communication Center

“PARIVARTAN” The Community Internet Communication Center

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Published by: ecell_iimk on Aug 14, 2009
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Team 10 Presents

“PARIVARTAN” The Community Internet Communication Center

A Dream for India…

 Brief introduction to the sector
 Need and potential for Parivartan  The Mission Statement  Parivartan – A Gamut of Services  The Hub and the Spoke…  Division of Responsibilities  The “Technicalities”  Implementation – TimeLine

 Implementation – Corporate  One Year at a time…  Contingencies  Future Plans  Q/A

Introduction To The Sector
 Bridge for the “Digital Divide”
 Several initiatives in the last few years  Initiatives by the private sector:  e-choupal  Akshay  n-louge  Primary Services being provided currently  Informational Services  Transactional Services  e-Governance Services

Introduction to the Sector…(contd.)
Current challenges and shortcomings:  Lack of awareness among the users  Access to high quality teachers, doctors etc inexistent  Infrastructure and hardware problems  High entry costs And most importantly… No totality of services

Need And Potential For Parivartan
The Need
 The existence of gaps  Digital  Quality

The Potential
 Provision of high quality services for basic amenities  Rather than bringing the village to the city…take the city to the village!

The Mission Statement

“To empower rural India with the power of knowledge, through the use of technology”

• Operational Learning – for implementation Offline and Online components Realistic and Viable Pricing
e-Governance Entertainment News Kiosks CICC Video Conferencing Education + Expert Support CTV

Parivartan – A Gamut Of Services
Introductory Services
 Tuitions for 9th, 10th and intermediate  Health Issues  Agricultural Issues  Veterinary Issues  Adult education  Public Health Awareness Programmes  Women Empowerment Programmes  Meditation sessions

The Hub And The Spoke…


Viewer ship





The Hub And The Spoke…(contd.)
The Responsibilities
The Hub:  Kiosk Setup  Negotiating with suppliers  Conducting audits/ collecting feedbacks  Hiring of the Service Providers  Scheduling of the telecasts  Getting advertising contracts from companies  Customization of telecasts

The Hub And The Spoke…(contd.)
The kiosk:  Offering and maintenance of the daily services  Additional services like e-governance, e-ticketing etc  Facilitating higher education  Personal advertising and marketing  Providing feedback to the hub

Revenue Model
Sources of Revenue
1st Year:  Advertising  Revenue from kiosks 2nd Year:  Advertising

3rd Year onwards:  Advertising (for services and for entertainment programs)

The “Technicalities”
• Three options available as of now for data, live video and audio streaming: • V-SAT • Wi-MAX • ISP-VPN • A comparative table of the cost incurred to set up each of these three types of networks is given below:
Kiosks 100 500 750 V-SAT 11.18 55.9 83.85 WI-MAX 2.4 11.83 18.43 ISP-VPN 1.7 8.5 12.7

The “Technicalities” (contd…)
• • ISP is the cheapest option available Other features of ISP connection are as below:
• • • • The network is based on a third party ISP’s VPN network architecture to connect the backbone with access layer Cost-effective solution to us, as the network is maintained by the ISP Speed of above 2 Mbps easily achieved Can be used to provide data, voice and video services

Implementation – Timeline
 Stage 1: Identification of sites for the kiosk  Stage 2: Selection of operators  Stage 3: Setting up of the head-office  Stage 4: Training of the kiosk operators  Stage 5: Setting up the kiosks  Stage 6: Hiring of professionals for provision of the service  Stage 7: Documentation, operating schedules and timetables

Implementation - Corporate
3 main departments in the organization  Operations  Technical  Marketing

Implementation – Corporate…(contd.)
Operations  Identification and setting up of kiosks
 Selection of operators  Setting up the head office  Training kiosk operators  Day to day administration  Managing contracts with the professionals  Collecting feedback/ conducting audits  Maintaining quality and ensuring policy adherence

Implementation – Corporate…(contd.)
Technical  Maintaining high quality and continuity of transmission
 Assisting operations in checking technical feasibility of sites  Procurement of equipment  Recording of programs  Contributing to the training of kiosk operators

Implementation – Corporate…(contd.)
Marketing  Getting advertising deals from corporates
 Reaching out to local companies and getting deals from them  Working on determination of advertisement rates  Public relations  Increase popularity and visibility of the services in the villages

One Year at a time…
Year 1  Starting with 100 kiosks – owned by company
 It’s a pilot project – for feasibility and sustainability  Year end would see 900 more kiosk  Our major revenue would be from advertising  The income from the kiosks will also be another source of revenue  Our charges would be Rs 300 for a 10 sec slot which works out to 0.05/person  This is slightly higher than the charges of national channel like D.D (0.04/person)

One Year at a time…
Year 2  1000 kiosk under operation
 Kiosk would be set up with the help of rural entrepreneurs  Expansion of corporate office to accommodate for 2000 kiosks  Expansion of the kiosk – 2000  Our advertising charges to the companies are correspondingly revised to higher levels because of increased viewer-ship

One Year at a time…
Year 3  2000 kiosk under operation
 Entertainment would be made free to all  Introduction of sophisticated medical instruments  Setting up another 2000 kiosk

One Year at a time…
Year 4  4000 kiosks are under operation
 Working on the expansion to other state  Entering into other services like microfinance

Four year Performance- Comparison
1 Cash Flow PAT Expense Revenue 7253919.2 891331 10740000 24260000 2 21709066 15048878 46824000 80866667 3 35449793 29683404 106188000 161733333 4 91877126 83130738 191568000 323466667




500000000 Revenue 400000000 Expense PAT Cash Flow 300000000



0 1 2 3 4

Future Plans
• Expansion into other states • Start operations at a large scale • Offer alternate services like a rural FM radio to complement our center • Expand into zero latency areas by tying up with bigger companies who are into setting up kiosks

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