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CRG 305 Crime_Prevention

CRG 305 Crime_Prevention

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CRG 305 Crime_Prevention
CRG 305 Crime_Prevention

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1 Running Head: CRIME

Crime Prevention CRJ 305

September 10, 2013

my recommendations. and how they compare to the national average. 1) ―Successful crime prevention efforts will promote a safer community by enhancing the perception of safety and the attitudes and behaviors that help people feel safe. 1). Ohio. par. par. or unfair trials and sentences to be brought to the defendant. par. ―the idea that laws and legal proceedings must be fair and the Constitution guarantees that the government cannot take away a person's basic rights to 'life. The Fourth Amendment protects every individual from being wronged by the police and the government. which is applicable to the states through the Due Process Clause of the Fourteenth Amendment.‖ (SIU. Crime prevention programs can be instituted. but until everyone decides to work together on the effort. without due process of law‖ (Lectric. they can be futile. Every court in the United States must always be fair to every individual without causing harm. According to the Lectric Law Library it states that. California.‖ (SIU. It requires the work of not only law enforcement but also the community itself. the portion of the criminal justice system my proposal addresses. n. 1). the crime prevention strategy I have chosen. an analysis of crime statistics in Tallahassee. and my anticipated outcomes. San Francisco. . liberty or property.d. n. Florida. and Cleveland. Due process is considered to be. ―the Fourteenth Amendment prohibits the deprivation of liberty or property without due process of law and the Sixth Amendment. what the SARA model and the Problem Analysis Triangle are.2 Crime Crime Prevention ―The ultimate goal of crime prevention is to reduce the risk of being a victim. In this paper I will be discussing the jurisdiction of Oklahoma City. 3) Reducing crime must be a community effort. guarantees a criminal defendant a fundamental right to be clearly informed of the nature and cause of the charges against him‖ (Lectric.d) par.

many programs were put into place because of the variety of risks. including 14% of sexual assaults. discipline. If these behaviors are coupled together. Many programs have been put in place to help young people avoid temptation and follow the right path. social ability. There is a lot of crime that takes place in Leon County Florida. and peer pressure. and these programs help by understanding the problems that lead to these types of behavioral traits so that the criminal justice system can fix these programs among society. These programs were put in place to steer young people in the right direction. and how to live a lifestyle without committing crime or doing the things that takes them down the path of committing crime. Juvenile and adult programs are available to those individuals that find themselves placed into the criminal justice system. 1997. the chance of criminal behavior increases. ―in 1997 juveniles under age 18 were involved in 27% of all serious violent victimizations. 30% of robberies. There are many indicators which indicate whether or not a youth is likely to commit crime. According to the FDLE‘s website. These programs are set up to help the juveniles and their parents to gain a certain amount of control over their child. In order to access all juveniles who could possibly be at risk. The indicators are poverty. Community Involvement. par. ―Leon County‘s property . Education. There is always a reason as to why juveniles and adults commit crime. bad parental behavior. and 27% of aggravated assaults‖ (OJJDP. Some of the programs available to the juveniles and the juveniles guardians are but are not limited to: Parent-Child Interaction Training Program. Functional Family Therapy (FFT). lack of parenting.3 Crime The OJJDP had stated that. behavior problems. and teach the child respect. and Boot camp. 2). bad school grades. accessibility to drugs. These programs are set up into place to deter juveniles and adults away from committing criminal acts against society.

Not all of the crime that has taken place in Tallahassee. and according to their website ―in 2010 was higher than the national violent crime rate average by 155. arson. Also. Not all of the crime that has taken place in San Francisco has increased but some of the crimes have decreased. It appears that aggravated assault and larceny is one of the highest crimes that take place in San Francisco. forcible rape.1%‖ (Crime. Outside of the larceny and aggravated assault then manslaughter and murder. some of the crime has decreased.4% higher.4 Crime crime rate is much higher than the violent crime rate.81% and the city property crime rate in Tallahassee was higher than the national property crime rate average by 67.n. Leon County‘s rate remains higher than the state‘s or the nation‘s‖ (FDLE . robbery. ar. the city‘s property crime was also higher than that of the national property crime rating and it was an average of 34. 2012. manslaughter and murder. Ohio. the burglary. There is a lot of crime that takes place in in Cleveland. 2). Outside of the larceny and aggravated assault then follows burglary. There is a lot of crime that takes place in in San Francisco California. ―in 2010 the city violent crime rate in San Francisco was higher than the violent crime rate in California by 59. robbery.35% and the city property crime rate in San Francisco was higher than the property crime rate in California by 50%‖ (City Rating. Florida has increased.9%. . In this year. par. motor vehicle theft. forcible rape. According to this city‘s crime rating website.d. The city‘s crime rate for violent crimes in the year of 2010 was also higher than the national crime rate. 2012). as a matter of fact. This cities violent crime rate is higher than the national violent crime rate. but has been steadily declining since 1995 [and]. This crime rate for violent crimes that takes place increased to 73. It appears that aggravated assault and larceny is one of the highest crimes that take place in Tallahassee. arson. motor vehicle theft. 3).

It helps to identify one issue at a time. It appears that aggravated assault and larceny is one of the highest crimes that take place in San Francisco.27% higher in violent crimes. The property crimes that took place were at an average of 86. forcible rape. The Sara model helps to address a crime in a variety of ways. When a crime is seen in a variety of ways. This means that an increase in crime has taken place in all three areas. Outside of the larceny and aggravated assault then follows burglary. robbery. every step does need to be addressed in the same token. The four components of the SARA model are 1: cautiously assessing definite problems. Not all of the crime that has taken place in Cleveland Ohio has increased but some of the crimes have decreased. manslaughter and murder.5 Crime average was 221. The SARA model is not so strict that the steps need to be followed in order to solve the problem. Every stop does not need to be strictly allowed. However. Ever step needs to be gone over because every step is an important part of this process. arson. examine and comprehend the issue. This is a huge increase in violent crimes and property crimes. determine whether or not the previous was a success. 3. The SARA model may start at one place and then decide to restart the process which would lead to a better solution. The SARA model helps to focus on specific things. The SARA model is used to make sure no step is skipped and each step is properly addressed. This means that the United States has a problem with battling crime. 2. This may happen several times before a definitive analysis is finally made. When the crime is defined and understood it is . but each step needs to be addressed in order to reach a permanent solution.99% higher than the national crime average. When an issue is understood. various solutions can be found and more permanent solutions come about. motor vehicle theft. search for solutions and long term remedies. it is easy to understand why it happened and preventive measures can then be put in place. and 4.

and lastly place the person who has the most control over that establishment or area. As stated in our pamphlet if crime occurs when no one to stop it or protect other people or themselves is there. Sometimes when a crime is understood and the motivational factors behind it are known preventive measures are more likely to be a success. Many criminals are spontaneous and do things because they have the opportunity to get away with it.6 Crime then possible to take preventive actions for the future. more authority‘s figures therefore need to be present. it is said that if guardians or ―handlers‖ are present crime is less likely to occur in that area. perhaps they would not even attempt it. The SARA model is a great tool. an outer triangle was created. In order to get a better grasp of crime and its happenings. It helps to prevent crime because it shows how crime occurs or does not occur in certain situations. It consists of three major parts which are the offender. This pamphlet basically states that these people are cautious with their actions to keep themselves out of trouble or for many other reasons. for the victim. it is not foolproof. they suddenly know the difference between right and wrong. but like everything else in life. If law enforcement is aware of problem areas. robbery. the guardian which is people protecting themselves or others. It is sad to say. victim and the place these things can be found in the inner triangle. If that is not a possibility. If the likelihood of getting away with a crime significantly decreased and more people knew that. for the offender. they could increase police presence in those areas to help with the crime rate. there are four types of violent crimes. aggravated assault and . murder or negligent manslaughter. The Problem Analysis Triangle has many parts. there is a handler which is someone who has control over the actions of that person. but if people feel like they are being watched. another thing that could be tried is increasing surveillance and monitoring things that way. As far as this pamphlet goes. According to the Uniform Crime Reports otherwise known as the UCR.

self-defense. or anger. self-defense or anger. . None of my solutions are cost effective. If people have more involvement in their community perhaps they will respect it more and help to ensure the safety of all its members. People need to know it is ok to bring their assaulter to justice. The motivation for aggravated assault could be very similar to that of murder. Everything in life costs money. Faster response time could catch the criminal and make sure they are not able to continue their crime spree. More police presence and faster response time means overtime and more staff. it will always be a violent crime. The only thing that would be cost effective is if the local residents of every area were willing to partake in a neighborhood watch. While no one can ever predict the behavior of another person. Plenty of crime goes unreported because of fear or guilt being that as stated in our text most crime victims know their assailant. there are many preventive measures that can be put in place. fear. fears. The motivation for robbery could be a legitimate need or greed. more community affairs and programs. When another person is harmed. All of these are violent crimes because they harm or kill other people. unfortunately nothing in life is free. I believe more police presence will be an effective solution because it would deter would be criminals. sexual addictions or a sociopath. Community affairs and programs can help people get to know one another and get the people to their neighborhood. Crime has many motivators. Those people have to be paid. Community programs need to be funded in order to thrive. The motivation for rape could be deviant behavior. Possible solutions to all of these crimes are more policy activity in all neighborhoods. faster response time. The motivation for murder could be accidental.7 Crime forcible rape. yet at times the reason is unknown.

8 Crime Moving money from jail and prison budgets to the community programs would be an option.A.A. prime locations when it comes to gang activity and crime rates.T.C. ―In addition to providing mentorship and a place to hang out after school. Once the crime in an area is reduced. and go to after school instead of running the streets. 5) This program was thought of and started by law enforcement officers in Oklahoma City due to the high juvenile crime rate. A program that has been proven effective and should be implemented in Tallahassee. it would also be an option to stop the overtime and reduce the staff to allocate those funds to the community programs. San Francisco. The officers obtained a federal grant and have had a number of people volunteer to help with the F.T. their academic future and potential for success.‖ (Smith.‖‖ (Dinger.C. program. through positive police contact and community partnerships with the ultimate purpose of altering the youth‘s perspective on life. have mentors.C. FACT has provided some basic needs. program‘s mission statement is: ―To positively impact inner-city youth who are at-risk to participate in delinquent or gang related activities. This location and the first that was opened are in high crime areas with high rates of gang activity.A. There are two locations in Oklahoma City and ――Both of these addresses are prime. 2011. The officers took over the Hathaway Recreational Center that had been closed for a year due to budget cuts. par. If we are able to reduce crime we will lower the amount of people who are entering these facilities and therefore would not need the full budgets. 2012) This program targets at risk youth and gives them a place where they can feel involved. including shoes for a student who didn't go to school because his . and Cleveland is called the F.T program or Family Awareness and Community Teamwork program that is in effect in Oklahoma City. The F.

This program is for kids that are between the ages of eight and eighteen.‖ (Smith. OKC Thunder Drumline and the OKC Thunder organization were there for the kids—and the kids were assured that they would be consistent in their life and that they truly loved and cared what happened to them.9 Crime sneakers had holes and another who had dental issues that embarrassed him. In the last six months the FACT Program has held 68 educational events with almost 500 youth attending. Youth. The kids get to be all roles of the court including. and Thursdays there is a film and video production class. 10) If we had more programs like this in cities like Tallahassee. On Tuesdays they have a storytelling and poetry night. In this paper I have discussed the jurisdiction of Oklahoma City. 2011. Grant Long. The kids are also involved in mock trials for defendants such as hip-hop music. par. . such as OU football players. what the SARA model and the Problem Analysis Triangle are. Special guests. and my anticipated outcomes. Monday is movie night where the kids are shown films like ―Boyz n the Hood‖ and ―The Pursuit of Happyness‖. my recommendations. California. especially male youth. San Francisco. and Cleveland. par. Crime prevention is possible as long as everyone participates. the portion of the criminal justice system my proposal addresses. San Francisco.‖ (Dinger. and how they compare to the national average. which are introduced to crime at a young age need positive role models to tell them they do not have to live that kind of life. 2012. the prosecutor and judge. and fed a meal. an analysis of crime statistics in Tallahassee. we may be able to significantly reduce juvenile crime. and Cleveland. ―The ‗Cubits‘ and their team of coaches (the other officers and their families). Balderrama said. Florida. Ohio. come by the center and talk to the youth as well. the crime prevention strategy I have chosen. 8) There are various activities during the week to keep the kids involved.

R.popcenter. Retrieved from http://www. Oklahoma City police program gives structure to at-risk youth with potential.org/learning/60steps/index. Retrieved from http://newsok. E. Matt. Matt. Crime analysis for problem solvers in 60 small steps.html#. (n.com/oklahoma-citypolice-program-gives-structure-to-at-risk-youth-with-potential/article/3652624 Dinger.gov/about-us/cjis/ucr/ucr) .cfm?page=Welcome Dinger. (April 24.com/crime-statistics/california/san-francisco. & Eck. 2012).popcenter.fbi. (February 27. Retrieved from http://www. Twenty Five Techniques of Situational Prevention [Interactive chart]. 2011) Oklahoma City Police Program to Reopen Recreational Center. Retrieved from http://www.cityrating. Retrieved from http://newsok. News OK.10 Crime References Center for Problem-Oriented Policing.com/oklahoma-city-police-program-to-reopenrecreational-center/article/3561856 FBI – Uniform crime reports (http://www.d. News OK. (2011).org/25techniques/ City Rate (2012) San Francisco Crime Rate Report (California).). J..UWwP_H_Dcw Clarke. V.

11 Crime Florida Department of Law Enforcement (n.state.net/qol/07PublicSafetyUpdate. Retrieved from http://frederickpd.nationalgangcenter. Retrieved from http://www.d) Quality of Life Report: Public Indicator 2: Property Crime Rate. Juvenile Delinquency. Retrieved from http://www.d). National Gang Threat Assessment Emerging Trends.fbi.21stcenturycouncil. Retrieved from http://www. (n.fl.). (2011).djj. (n. Oklahoma.htm National Gang Intelligence Center.d). Retrieved from http://www.lectlaw.gov/Legislation/Oklahoma Lectric Law Library.com/juvenile_delinquency Gang-Related Legislation by State.gov/stats-services/publications/2011-national-gang-threatassessment/2011-national-gang-threat-assessment-emerging-trends .pdf FDOJJ (2012) Five Year Trends & Conditions. Retrieved from http://www. (n.us/research/fast-facts/five-year-trends Frederick Police Department.com/def/d080. Due Process.d.

CA: Bridgepoint Education.asp?qaDate=19990930 Oklahoma Foundation for Excellence. Program in Oklahoma City.htm .dps.A. Patricia. Retrieved from http://ireport.C.edu/cp_what_is_cp.siu. Inc. At Risk Youth in Man-Up F.d.ofe.com/docs/DOC-729006 Southern Illinois University. Crime prevention.cnn.ojjdp. (n. B. Retrieved from http://www.T.).org/mentoring/programs. Oklahoma Mentoring Programs. What is Crime Prevention? Retrieved from http://www.d).gov/ojstatbb/offenders/qa03202. 2012).12 Crime OJJDP (1997) Juveniles as offenders and other violent crimes.htm Robinson. (2013). (n. (January 10. Retrieved from http://www. CNN Report. M. Smith. San Diego.

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