Personification Poems


Anger sits cracking his whip against the wall his red face swollen with blood. He is being eaten up from the inside and festers alone in the darkness. His clothes are all torn and his face is all cracked. He is a volcano ready to explode with eyes like huge, dark smouldering hollows, just waiting to erupt. He is bent over and furious with himself and the world.

Death peeps, hanging over a hospital waiting room her skull bruised with past sins. She is dying off slowly as she loses each game of chess, alone in her enclosed space. Her clothes dark, blowing as if tremendous gusts of wind are rushing from an enormous windmill. She is a clockwork mouse, clicking away the time till her next M4 cop chase. With eyes as bloody as the baron and as long as this lesson. She's leant over her staff and she's petrified by herself and her enclosing dead.

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