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Attendance to the Second Quarter Vaccine Preventable Disease (VPD) Case Evaluation and Workshop on May 21-24, 2013 in Quezon

Philippines had been certified polio-free since October 29, 2000. However, the country is always at risk of wild poliovirus importation from countries with on-going wild poliovirus transmission. Measles and Neonatal Tetanus are also targeted for elimination. To sustain quality surveillance after the certification, the National Epidemiology Center will conduct its quarterly Case Evaluation and Workshop. The objective of this activity is to determine final classification of reported Acute Flaccid Paralysis (AFP) cases in our goal of sustaining the polio-free status and attain global eradication. This also provides venue to assess the gaps in the VPD surveillance system, thus, come up with solutions to enhance said system.

The following VPD Surveillance Officers are hereby authorized to attend the Second Quarter Vaccine Preventable Disease (VPD) Case Evaluation and Workshop on March 21-24, 2013 in Quezon:


Designation & Place of Assignment

1. Ms. April Anne Sumbad - VPD Surveillance Officer, CHD Metro Manila 2. Hospital DSO/DSC representative 3. PESU DSO/DSC representative 4. Ms. Maria Eloisa A. Sarmiento - VPD Surveillance Officer, CHD Ilocos 5. Hospital DSO/DSC representative 6. PESU DSO/DSC representative 7. Ms. Berneve Ann G. Cambri - VPD Surveillance Officer, CHD CagayanValley 8. Hospital DSO/DSC representative 9. PESU DSO/DSC representative 10. Ms. Rosanna Rosell - VPD Surveillance Officer, CHD Central Luzon 11. Hospital DSO/DSC representative 12. PESU DSO/DSC representative 13. Ms. Jezza Jonah D. Crucena - VPD Surveillance Officer, CHD CALABARZON 14. Hospital DSO/DSC representative 15. PESU DSO/DSC representative 16. Mr. Rodolfo T. Anacan Jr. - VPD Surveillance Officer, CHD MIMAROPA 17. Hospital DSO/DSC representative 18. PESU DSO/DSC representative 19. Mr. Jobal V. Bachiller - VPD Surveillance Officer, CHD Bicol 20. Hospital DSO/DSC representative 21. PESU DSO/DSC representative
2/F Building 1, San Lazaro Compound, Rizal Avenue, Sta. Cruz, 1003 Manila Trunk Line: 651-7800 local 1111/1107/1125/1132; Direct Line: 711-9502; 711-9503; 912-5244; Fax: 743-1829 URL:; e-mail:

VPD Surveillance Officer. Hospital DSO/DSC representative 51. PESU DSO/DSC representative Resource Persons: 52. CHD Eastern Visayas 29. PESU DSO/DSC representative 40. Ms. Mr. Aida M. NCDPC . CHD Zamboanga Peninsula 32. PESU DSO/DSC representative 46. RITM . Austria .VPD Surveillance Officer. Hospital DSO/DSC representative 24. AFP Expert Panel Committee .Senior Research Specialist.Chairperson. Ms.Supervising Health Program Officer. 54. PESU DSO/DSC representative 28.Head of Virology. Lorca .Chairperson. Boyd Roderick S. Mr. CHD Central Visayas 26.Technical Officer for EPI. Castro . CHD CARAGA 47. PESU DSO/DSC representative 34. CHD CAR 44. 55. Amado O. Mapait .VPD Surveillance Officer.VPD Surveillance Officer. 58. CHD Western Visayas 23. PESU DSO/DSC representative 43. Victor L. 53. Luzviminda C.22. RITM . Mae O. WHO-Philippines . Anna Charinna B. Geeny Anne I. Rommel L. Hospital DSO/DSC representative 27. Ms. Dr. PESU DSO/DSC representative 31. Mr.Associate Dean. PESU DSO/DSC representative 49. Ms. Arquiza .VPD Surveillance Officer.Manila . NCDPC . Cerro .VPD Surveillance Officer. Sumapaico Dr. Bautista Mr. Tandoc III Ms. RITM . Cheryl Mary L.Science Research Specialist II. 60. Madeleine W.VPD Surveillance Officer. Rex J. Ducusin Engr. Hospital DSO/DSC representative 42. Salonga Dr. DOH ARMM 50. Maricel D. Myla P.Science Research Specialist I. CHD Davao 38. Hospital DSO/DSC representative 48. Maria Joyce U. 61. UP. Nina G.VPD Surveillance Officer. RITM . Hospital DSO/DSC representative 30.National EPI Coordinator. 56. Jordan Gem Mariscal . Hospital DSO/DSC representative 39. CHD Northern Mindanao 35. Garcia Ms.VPD Surveillance Officer. PESU DSO/DSC representative 25. Cantos . Aisha Aloha S. Hospital DSO/DSC representative 33. Hospital DSO/DSC representative 45. CHD SOCCSKSARGEN 41. Analisa N. 57. Centeno Ms. Enampadan .VPD Surveillance Officer. Ms. PESU DSO/DSC representative 37. Hospital DSO/DSC representative 36. Ms. Amparo Dr. National Certification Committee . 59. Chevroleta C. Ms. Gloriani Dr. Plaza . Deiparine .

Sims Ms.Nurse II. Buado Ms. Carreos Mr. NEC . MD. Ms.Nurse II. toll fees. Kristine Dianne T. NEC . 63. Diana Colleen B. NEC . Toledo . 66.Nurse II. Support to Service Delivery Technical Cluster II . Joanne Bel A.Nurse IV.Facilitators: 62. gasoline for DOH vehicle. NEC . 69. 64.Nurse II. 68. 67. NEC Under this Order. PHSAE.Nurse II. Karen Joyce C. Ricardo A. hotel accommodation. FPSMID.Medical Specialist IV. Elfa Ms. NEC . honoraria of the National Certification Committee and Expert Panel Committee of Poliomyelitis and other miscellaneous expenses of the workshop shall be charged against the funds of the National Epidemiology Center subject to the usual accounting and auditing rules and regulations. transportation/travel expenses and other incidental expenses of the participants shall be charged against their respective sending agencies while meals. NEC . bus rental from DOH to venue and vice versa. 65. CESO III Assistant Secretary of Health Head. NEC . Oraya Jr. TAYAG.Nurse II. Oriel Ms. Roque Jr. Dulce C. Leidy Marisse M. Vito G. Dr. Ms. By Authority of the Secretary of Health: ENRIQUE A.

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