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Martin Echeverra Y11 ICT Project Review

The theme behind the collage I did, was based on the inequality of people, the gap between the rich and the poor, also in the collage it can be seen another theme within is the racism. However the racism now is reversed, meaning that the black people are in a higher position than the white person who is in the painting. The racism has been towards the black people, what I show in the collage is reversed this showing that racism is very unpopular and unacceptable within many societies. I used 10 elements to make my collage; I decided these were the best to choose because I was looking for a classic style, such as the background. After deciding what images I was going to use, I joined them together so that the themes can be seen more clearly. The tools I used in Photoshop to create this collage were mostly quick selection and magnetic lasso tool. These were used to select a certain part of the image or the whole image, and then add the selected part of the image to the collage. While making the collage, I experienced some difficulties which included editing the image so it can be added to the collage for example; I used free transform to change the size of the image to what I would like to be. Also I had trouble to edit an image which was the silhouette because when I first got one, it wasnt complete, it had only one side, so I had to find another silhouette to place on my collage. I think I did my collage very well, because I think the collage is related to the themes. Also I think I did well by combining the images together and they all make sense, its not all random. If I had a chance to change some things about the collage, I would take my time and use more tools also other colours and shading to make the collage look better. I would also take my time to correctly make the collage to the proportions they should be, and also I would add more images to the collage to make it more interesting, instead of using 10 elements I would use 20 or more. Finally I would spend more time searching for images which could fit best to the collage. In conclusion I think the collage in general was successful, considering the deadline was met, the requirements for the collage were correct, the images combined in a correct way, and it wasnt all random.