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A curry Account Ace Adenoid Aegean Air Alewife Almost certain America Amerigo Vespucci Ammeter Anabolic Anaconda

Angora Apple a day Atlantic Audi Baked Alaska Balalaika Barbel Bassoon Belgravia Big Bang Birds Biriani Bitter Blackjack Boil Bolognese Boracic Bow & arrow Boxing Bunker Hill Burrowing By The Way Cables Candy Canines Carnation Cayenne CD Cheapskate Chevy Chase Chipolata Chips Chorus Cider Cigars Cinderella Cinnamon Common Computer keyboard Condiments Country & Western Crete Cup of Tea Damask Danube Dartmoor Dawson's Creek Dibber Dim Sum Domestic Donkey Draughts Dune

Dynamics Egypt Elbow Room Eyes Fish Foul Four Seasons Friday Frigate bird Frogmen Gallon Germany Glitterati Gorilla Greece Green Card Green goblin Grip Groundnut Hands he Water-carrier Ice Inverclyde Ireland Jab Jesus Christ Joe Bloggs Kick it Kidney Kilograms Knowles Lager Larder Linoleum Liverpoolshire Lorraine Lunch Lungs Macadam Mace Malaga Mario Meg Ryan Mexico Middlesbrough Midnight Cowboy Missouri Moa Mojave Desert Morgan Freeman Murphy's Law Nancy National Lottery New Guinea Nickel Nine North London Nosebag Old Spice

Oscar Ouija board Oval Ovenbird Oystercatcher Pack of cards Piraeus Plane Potatoes Pterodactyl Pun Purple PVC Quakers Rabies Rag Red Roi Roll into a ball Rotten Rubber Rugby Rush Rydell High Sausage Scottish Shakes Simple Simon Snare Soldiers South Norfolk St George St. David's Day Sundae Swinging Taco Take That Tax Thames The ice The Italian Job The Recruit The referee Three Three-legged Tiger Tilbury Tiller Girls Tomato Juice Tooth Trades U2 Venus flytrap Vertical Very thin Viking Washing soda Wedding Weightlifting Welterweight

Questions - Reward 0 nothing 1 [1.5x EXP Token (Bound)] x2 2 [1.5x EXP Token (Bound)] x2 3 [Pet Health Orb (Bound)] x2 4 [Pet Mana Orb (Bound)] x1 5 [Growth Food (Bound)] x2 6 [Green Dragon Coin] x2 7 [Health Orb (Bound)] x2, [Green Dragon Coin] x2 8 [Mana Orb (Bound)] x2, [Green Dragon Coin] x2 9 [Green Dragon Coin] x2, [Red Dragon Coin] x1 10 [Pet Health Orb (Bound)] x1, [1 Hour AFK Card (Bound)] x2 11 [Red Dragon Coin] x1, [Mount Upgrade Token (Bound)] x5 12 [1x Offline EXP Token] x2, [1 Hour AFK Card (Bound)] x2 13 [1x Offline EXP Token] x2, [Heroic Wings (Bound)] x4 14 [2x EXP Token (Bound)] x2, [1x Offline EXP Token] x2 15 [Black Dragon Coin] x1, [Health Orb (Bound)] x2 16 [Roses] x5, [Mana Orb (Bound)] x2 17 [Greater Socketing Rod] x4, [Red Dragon Coin] x1 18 [1x Offline EXP Token] x2, [3x Pet EXP Token] x2 19 [Maturity Whip (Bound)] x1, [Heroic Wings (Bound)] x4 20 [Black Dragon Coin] x1, [Training Potion (Bound)] x2 21 [Ethereal Wings (Bound)] x2, [2x EXP Token (Bound)] x2 22 [Greater Socketing Rod] x4, [Morph Crystal] x5 23 [Ethereal Wings (Bound)] x2, [Morph Crystal] x5 24 [Greater Mount Upgrade Token (Bound)] x2, [Dungeon Key] x1 25 [Fire Lord Egg (Bound)] x1, [Dungeon Key] x1

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