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Key Features
CAT C15 450 HP@1,800 RPM engine
900 SCFM/100 psi compressor
330 class under carriage, 15' (4.57 m) long, 29.5" (750 mm) pads
300 gallon (1,136 L) fuel tank
Coolers for up to 130F (54C) ambient temperature
Rotary head speed 0-130 RPM, torque 87,120 in-lb. (9,843 Nm)
Loader inside mast, 30' (9.14 m) drill pipe, 4" - 7" (115 to 178 mm)
Heavy duty pulldown chains
Three leveling jacks, 48" (1,219 mm) stroke, 24" (610 mm) pads
Auxiliary winch 4,000 lb (18 kN) capacity, 100' (30.5 m) cable
Two-man cab, 80 dBa, air conditioned, heated
Service walkway cab side
Night lights, six 70 Watt
Color Driltech White
50 hour maintenance kit
Parts, Service, Operator, and Engine Parts manuals (one each)
The D45KS is a diesel powered, self-
propelled crawler mounted blast-hole
drill for mining. It is a mid-range
production drill, standard with a low
pressure air compressor for rotary
drilling. It is equipped for drilling 6" to
9" (152 to 229 mm) diameter holes to
depths up to 208' (63 m) with 5-1/2"
drill pipe. Single pass capability is 28' 6
(8.7 m) and maximum pulldown
45,000 lb/200 kN (bit load 55,000
lb/244 kN). The solid design makes the
rig ideal for continuous operation in all
rock formations and where longevity is
a priority. The D45KSs heavy frame
allows for an extensive combination of
options, including high pressure air
Blasthole drills
Driltech blasthole drills set the standard for productivity, durability, and cost
effectiveness. These machines are built for continuous drilling in some of the
harshest operating environments in the world. Proven designs, rigid lattice
style masts, heavy duty pulldown chains, and durable power plants, place
these rigs in a class of their own. Structural strength, easy maintenance, and
world-wide support, all maximize drilling time and keep you on top of your
production schedule. Driltech offers tailored options to meet all application
requirements. Invest in the right rig for your needs and count on it to perform
for years to come.

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