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This worksheet is Step 1 to creating the group project Interactive Time Line using the iPad App - Comic Life. This project reaches across social studies (timelines), reading (biographies), writing, math (calculating ages and dates), and technology curriculum (iPad). After we have read some short biographies, important dates and events during WWII, the students are ready to start this project. Step 1 - Complete iPad Timeline Questionnaire Step 2 Planning and Practice: Use half of an 11 X 17 (cut horizontally) white construction paper folded to allow FOUR panels. Students use the questionnaire to make a rough draft of the timeline comic (draw timeline line at the bottom and write in answers from questionnaire, draw a picture in each panel to support the event, draw text bubbles to create dialogue to tell their story, color each panel). Step 3 - Take the rough draft comic strip and use Comic Life on the iPad to create the comic strip. Comic Life uses photos taken on the iPad and inserts them into the panel. Students can visit sites to obtain pictures, videos, or other visual representation for events, and apply these to the process. Students type the timeline event in each

panel, and can create text bubbles for their dialogue. Grouped students are expected to communicate, and work collaboratively to complete the project. The instructor will group students according to styles of learning based on input of learning styles and preferences. Submission: Submit final process in a file to the instructors email by deadline. TIMELINE QUESTIONNAIRE Use the following online resources to assist you: orld-war-ii-timeline i/ww2_timeline.php ation/multimedia/timeline/world-war-iitimeline/?ar_a=1


When did WWII begin?

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When did Hitler begin his reign of prominence as Germans leader? What dates are important for the Pacific/Asia events? What dates are important for the Europe/North Africa events? What dates can you find that relates to the events concerning the Holocaust? What dates were important to the American entry into WWII? What dates showed entry of other countries and their leaders to the war? What were the dates for D-Day, VE-Day, VJ-Day, and the actual conclusion of the war? What dates should be included to show German aggression?