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What is your name?

2. How old are you? 3. What are you studying? What is your major? 4. Where do you study? Do you like your university? 5. Why did you choose this jo ? Why are you interested in this !osition? "ell me a out the jo you chose. #. What duties will you have at this jo ? What will you e res!onsi le $or? %. Do you have any e&!erience in this $ield? '. "ell me a out your !revious jo (s). *. Why do you want to go to the +,? 1-.How would you deal with a situation where a customer is com!laining? 11.Do you !re$er to work in team or individually? 12.How do you manage critical situations? How do you manage stress$ul situations? 13.Why do you think you are the right !erson $or this jo ? Why do you think you will e a good $it $or this jo ? Why do you think you will e a good em!loyee? Why should we choose you $or this !osition? there any other !ositions that you like? /s there any other !osition you are interested in? you $le&i le with dates 0 working hours? 1#.When do you think you can start and sto! working? 1%.What were your duties at your !revious work !lace? 1'.What kind o$ music do you like? Do you know any singers? 1*.Why do you want to go to the +,.? 2-.What do you want to visit in the +,? 21.What do you like the most a out +, culture? 22.What would you suggest me to visit in 1oldova? 23.2an you tell me something a out your traditional $ood?

24.How $ar is your hometown $rom 2hisinau? 25.Do you live alone or with roommates? 2#.What jo would you like to have in the $uture? 2%.How many hours do you e&!ect to work !er week? 2'.How do you think this jo will hel! you in the $uture? 2*.What do you know a out our com!any? 3-.Have you een to the +, e$ore? What3s your idea a out .merican !eo!le and culture? 31.How many years have you studied 4nglish?