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Marketing Plan: Company Name - Year

QUESTION ! O"#e$ti%e& What are the specific goals of your business this year? '! Yo(r Pro)($t*Ser%i$e What product or service do you offer? ANSWER

+! C(&tomer& Who buys (or should buy) your product? What do they need it for?

,! Competitor& Who are your top competitors and what are their strengths? -! Po&itioning Given your competition, what makes your business great and unique to customers? .! Pri$ing How will you price your product? /! Sale& 0 S(pport How and where will you sell and service the product? 1! Promotion How will people find out about you and your product?

2! 3()get How much money do you have to promote the product? 4! A$tion Plan What will you do and when to sell and promote your product?

World implest !arketing "lan #emplate

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