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Mohammed Attia Morsi Ahmed Address: Al Sonbat, Markaz Al Fayoum, Al Fayoum, Egypt. E-mail: Mob: 0111 405 1713.

Personal Data: Gender Place of Birth Nationality Male Egypt , al fayoum Egyptian Date of Birth Marital Status Military service 10/8/1989 single served

Academic Attainment: B.Sc. in Metallurgical Engineering, Cairo University (Good). Graduation Project: welding of pipelines according to API 1104 standard (excellent). Certification ASNT-NDT Level II in: Visual Testing (VT). Ultrasonic Testing (UT). Radiography Testing (RT). Magnetic Particle Testing (MT). Dye Penetrant Testing (PT). Training
Central Metallurgical Research And Development Institute (CMRDI). Egypt Aluminium Company (EGAL).

Computer skill Familiar with word and power point processing. Language skill Arabic: mother language. English: good.