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Facts: In May 1994, ABS-CBN signed an agreement with the Mel and Jay Management and Development Corporation (MJMDC) for a radio and television program represented by Sonza. ABS CBN agreed to pay for Sonzas services a monthly talent fee of P310,000 for the first year and P317 for the second and third year. On April 1996, Sonza wrote a letter to ABS-CBN about a recent event concerning his programs and career, and that said violation of the company has breached the agreement, thus, the notice of rescission of Agreement was sent. Sonza filed a complaint against ABS CBN for non payment of salaries, separation pay, and among others.

Issue: Is there employer-employee relationship between the parties. Held: No. Clearly, ABS-CBN did not exercise control over the means and methods of performance of Sonzas work. A radio broadcast specialist who works under minimal supervision is an independent contractor. Sonzas work as television and radio program host required special skills and talent. How SONZA delivered his lines, appeared on television, and sounded on radio were outside ABS-CBNs control. ABS-CBN did not instruct SONZA how to perform his job. ABS-CBNs sole concern was the quality of the shows and their standing in the ratings.