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Q.In 2007, which state re-established its Vidhan Parishad (Legislative Council) after a gap of 22 years ? (A) Rajasthan (B) Madhya Pradesh (C) Andhra Pradesh (D) Tamil Nadu ANS: C Q.Which unit is used to measure the intensity of sound ? (A) Decibel (B) Ampere (C) Parsec (D) Tesla ANS: A Q.Who wrote the patriotic song `Saare Jahan Se Achcha' ? (A) Rabindranath Tagore (B) Bankim Chandra Chatterjee (C) Muhammad Iqbal (D) Kavi Pradeep ANS: C Q.In which town of Uttar Pradesh did Gautam Buddha attain Mahaparinirvana (salvation) ? (A) Lumbini (B) Kushinagar (C) Nanded (D) Pavapuri ANS: B

Q.Who presides over the joint sittings of both houses of Parliament ? (A) President (B) Prime Minister (C) Lok Sabha Speaker (D) Rajya Sabha Speaker ANS: C Q.Nathu La Pass, located in Sikkim, connects India with which country ? (A) Nepal (B) Bhutan (C) Myanmar (D) China ANS: D Q.Who is the only Indian batsman to score Triple Century in Test Cricket ? (A) Sunil Gavaskar (B) Sachin Tendulkar (C) V.V.S.Laxman (D) Virender Sehwag ANS: D Q.In which hill station is the Himalayan Mountaineering Institute (HMI) located ? (A) Darjeeling (B) Srinagar (C) Nainital (D) Shimla ANS: A Q.What term is used to refer the large number which is formed by writing digit 1 followed by 100 zeros ?

(A) Billion (B) Trillion (C) Octillion (D) Googol ANS: D Q.Zakumi, a leopard, is the official mascot of which tournament ? (A) Commonwealth Games 2010 (B) FIFA Football World Cup 2010 (C) Cricket World Cup 2011 (D) Olympic Games 2012 ANS: B Q.The name of which painting style, based on the name of a district in Bihar, literally means `Forest of Honey' ? (A) Kangra (B) Mysore (C) Tanjore (D) Madhubani ANS: D Q.Whose birthday on 29 August is celebrated as `National Sports Day' in India ? (A) C.K.Naidu (B) Dhyan Chand (C) Milkha Singh (D) Wilson Jones ANS: B Q.What is Mahatma Gandhi's samadhi in Delhi Called ? (A) Raj Ghat

(B) Shantivan (C) Vijay Ghat (D) Shakti Sthal ANS: A Q.Guru Shikhar, in Mount Abu, is the highest peak of which mountain range ? (A) Satpura (B) Vindhya (C) Aravali (D) Himalaya ANS: C Q.`Silicon Valley of India' is the nickname of which south Indian city ? (A) Hyderabad (B) Bengaluru (C) Chennai (D) Thiruvananthapuram ANS: B Q.According to Hindu mythology, who is the Guru of Devas (Gods) ? (A) Dhanvantri (B) Shukracharya (C) Brihaspati (D) Vishvakarma ANS: C Q.Which one of the following is not a fungus ? (A) Yeast (B) Mushroom

(C) Insulin (D) Penicillin ANS: C